Friday, February 1, 2008

Some interesting facts!

Okay, time to lay out the truth about yours truly! I don't want people to get the wrong impression about me!

Yes...I do sell sex toys. I am a Partygal! Before this scares you off, let me explain. I have had a hysterectomy. All of my girl parts are rotting away someplace other then my body. I am also on anxiety meds for severe panic attacks. This is partially due to the fact that I am a worry wart and partially due to the fact that I have no hormones in my body! I am a wife who believes that sex is very, very important. Scratch that! I believe "love making" is crucial to our marriage. And because of all the unhappy changes going on in my poor body, I was frightened that I would lose the sex drive that I have always had. So, I did research, hosted a party and decided that not only does the "potions" Partygals has seriously help energize my desire for sex but I could also make 50% commission as well.

I have a lot of girlfriends. I don't mean to brag, but I have sista's that were my friends from elementary school to friends that I have recently met! I love them all! I have very open communication with my friends and so I start to ask questions! I come up with the conclusion that women are not having orgasms with their significant others or their sex lives are in a routine, which causes boredom! This isn't good!

So, I decide to introduce them to some of the items I sell! And you know what??? They have all thanked me numerous times! Ladies that are very conservative to ladies like myself....outgoing!

I like to look at it as I am saving marriages, one orgasm at a time!

My parties are very fun but very educational. I have done my fair share of research and trust me, I know what I'm talking about! Partygals has been featured on "The Today Show" and on the oxygen channel "Sex talk with Sue Johansson". It's not dirty, it's not perverted, it's simply fun and enlightening!

I'm really not trying to sound like I am Dr. Ruth....but I was missing from action for months because I was on the computer or reading books to educate myself more! The common mistake in marriages is not recognizing each others needs. Women like the emotional attention and mens needs are primarily sex! If you disagree, great! But I'm guessing most won't!
Really......short story long; I want my marriage to last forever! My hubby is a man and has needs! I want to fulfill his needs but enjoy it as well! Partygals is wonderful for this! I also sell GirlyGals which is all makeup and spa stuff and GirlyKids which is great fun things for little girls!

I am also very faithful! I love my God and have a strong connection with him! You wouldn't have known that if I didn't tell you! I get stereotyped as satan because I sell sex toys! Funny thing is unless you are claiming immaculate conception, everyone has sex! The proof is running around your house as we speak!!!

If you have any questions, personal questions, email me! I will have an answer!!!

Now.....I'm going to show you me singing karaoke! Just remember, I sound like shit when I sing! Friends disagree and think I should try out for American Idol however, these friends may be tone deaf! Simon Cowell would chew me up and spit me out! But, this is me singing karaoke! Some friends of mine can't believe that I actually sing so I am putting up proof just for you!!!!

And a funny, for old time sakes!


Mama Zen said...

"Saving marriage, one orgasm at a time!" That is hilarious!

Smitty76 said...

Thanks for the info! I Looooooove sex toys and sex toy parties (I've had two at my house...the last was co-ed cuz my Big D wanted to be a part of it SO bad! LOL). Good for you for doing something that you enjoy and that benefits other women out rock!

Nickie said...

So true! Keep it real and people will listen, even if the lecture is about sex and toys. It's all so important to partners as we all have needs and deserve to have them met!

Amy said...

OK so I'm reading through your posts and you are CRACKING me up!! Just thought I would let you know, you are one CRAZY girl! And I love it!

Grandy said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Krissy. Not sure what triggered the urge that you felt you had to "justify" something, but I think YOU ROCK!!! And you are so right on so many levels!! ;)

Huckdoll said...

Great post, Krissy! I love learning more about you through your blog. I used to suffer from severe panic attacks for years, too. Thankfully, I never took the med (though I should have) and they have subsided to maybe one per month. I've got more control over them now.

PS. I have awarded you over at my blog. Check it!

jess said...


i've also had a hysterectomy, but i still have my ovaries. i've found that since the parts have been removed, sex is more enjoyable than EVER. i don't know if it's b/c i CANNOT get pregnant or what...and i don't care. it's fab.

FUN-ky Mama said...

I think what you do is awesome, and you shouldn't have to apologize or explain yourself. Sex in my first marriage SUCKED, sex this time around is FANTASTIC...and I am a much happier person! LOL With a very happy husband. ;o) My best IRL friend had a co-ed sex party a couple of years ago and that was damn near the most fun I've ever had. We laughed so hard we nearly peed ourselves. Had a blast! We, of course, were the life of the party. =D
I suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc.....thank the Lord for meds! Life is good now.....and I too am a spiritual person, just not so "out there" with I think you and I would get along great! You know what they say about the haters....