Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just when I think things are going to be better.....

This year has sucked monkey balls for us. If I want to get technical I could say that the last few years have been rather crusty to us however, this year has been, at times, unbearable.

In October, I lost my father-in-law.....of whom I miss daily.

On January husband lost his job.
Honestly...we were prepared for the job issue. Obviously we couldn't plan for the death but the job thing wasn't a big huge surprise. The company he worked for sucked ass and I knew it was a dead end road the first week of him working there. We started a strict budget that allowed us to put away enough money to suffice us if need be. He stuck it out, lost his job and we began the hunt for his new employment and started diligently investigating the avenue of owning our own business.

Fast forward to now. The economy sucks just like everything else in South Dakota. I don't mean to be bitter however, South Dakota has NoT been fair to us. Jobs are slim pickings and when there is a good job, it has a mound of unemployed individuals fighting for it. Of course, this allows the company to pay this individual pennies on the dollar and because they are greedy shit heads, they use the crappy economy to their advantage. I couldn't lie to you and say I wouldn't do the same thing though. Bygones.

We are totally on the fence about opening our own business only because it is just scary right now. Granted, things are looking more hopeful at Wall Street but that could be because of the band aide effect and in a few more months, years, whatever; we could see the economy hitting rock bottom once again.

The situation is currently making me a little nervous. All of it. Every bit of our lives right now is making me shaky. I refuse to give up on Sioux Falls only because I couldn't imagine pulling my daughter out of her beloved school and throwing her to the wolves at a different school. She is a tween. She is going to be in middle school, which lets face it, 6th grade was brutal for us all.

And on top of all that, we need to add to our stress and worry about home improvements that have to be done this year. Otherwise, we may be without a roof over our heads, literally. The roof needs replaced, the furnace has seen it's better days and some cosmetic changes are in order. *sigh*

I thought about working out so I could dance on a pole somewhere. Truth be told, I won't exercise. I keep saying "tomorrow" and tomorrow always comes and goes away. And my ass cheeks keep expanding.

Don't jump to conclusions. We are not drowning in debt only because we don't have any debt, thank you Dave Ramsey. And we are not suffocating in worry, because we are still okay. We are concerned about moving and we are concerned about the job market yet we will survive. We always do.

Am I whining?? Hell yes I am whinging!!!! You couldn't read this and NOT understand my whining!!!! Am I asking for sympathy???? Der....I am a bonafide attention getter. So your sympathy will be welcomed.

To top off the madness.....this weekend we are heading to my deceased father-in-laws favorite fishing spot to remember. Simply remember a great man who died way to young. And it isn't going to be easy for me or anyone else for that matter.

Truly, what I really need is some prayers. Pray for the job market and for all the families who have been effected by the economy. Pray for peace in our family. Pray for my sanity and for me to get some spunk back, as I have been losing it a lot lately. Pray that we will finally see some light at the end of our tunnel. Pray for my family as we miss a loved one very much this weekend, and everyday.

Please don't think that we need donations are something absurd like that. We do not need anything other then prayers. There are many people worse off then us that could use your donations. Truly, we have been so good about money lately that I give us big pat's on the back. We are survivors. I'm just starting to see things through a different perspective now. It could be another 6 months before my husband finds a job. And that is what makes me piss myself.

Friday, May 8, 2009

What's a Cracker like me been doing???

Well first and foremost, I am dwelling in self pity as I realize that I have become a official blogger drop out. And that I can claim this site as DOA (dead on arrival.)

However, as much as I have considered just closing it down, I cannot force myself to do so. Because I don't like failing, even though I should be used to it by now. And secondly, I like to come here and vent my anger. Better here then towards my family, I say.

I have been busy and busy is good for a nerd like myself. I have been........

  • Doing some partygal parties. Nothing much. Just as favors to my sex addicted friends whom need that extra thrill in their lives. Buzz.Buzz.
  • Taking ownership of this house again and punished it with some serious spring cleaning. The garage now harbors a boat, car and motorcycle instead of trash, mice and things that should have been deemed "toxic."
  • Whooping it up with friends and family.
  • Drinking a lot of wine. What??? It's good for the heart. Don't judge me.
  • Cussing out a Priest while exhibiting some of my nasty road rage. I have re-taught myself some prayers and begged for forgiveness.
  • Spanked my husband. Just checking to see if anyone is listening.
  • Spanked the dogs because they are holy terrors.
  • Doing some remodeling in the house. I am the proud owner of new stainless steel appliances in which I adore.
  • Flirting with salesmen to get some descent discounts for said appliances.
  • One of the salesmen got violently ill from my said flirting.
  • Yard work. Well some until I got pissy and just called a lawn care company to control the raging weeds in my yard.
  • Had a vicious cold and therefore convinced myself that I did indeed have the swine flu. After all, I have been pigging out lately. Oink.Oink.
  • Banned any sex with my husband because he wasn't cleaning the proper way while I fought off the swine flu.
  • Convinced my daughter to pick up all the dog piles outdoors. This worked until I realized she threw all the dog crap in the neighbors yards. And for a side note. I cannot stand these neighbors.
  • Been on a few road trips but nothing to write home about.
  • Had approximately 400 temper tantrums about home improvements trumping vacations.
  • Threatened to burn the house down about 500X's.
  • Played computer games instead of doing laundry.
  • Guests have been ravishing our home lately.
  • 4 trillion pounds of homework.
  • Texting until my fingers bled.
  • Singing karaoke.
  • badly
  • Behaved like a toddler.
  • Wet my pants a billion times from sneezing.
  • Definitely have had some serious ADHD.

The End.