Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greetings from the dropout blogger.

(For your amusement....the shorter chick on the right with purple and pink hair is me. At a JONAS BROTHER concert trying to molest one of the brothers with my daughter, niece and sister. Boo.Yah.)

I am so lame. I am disgustingly lame. It
I'll give you a quick glimpse into the life of a ADHD, sometimes OCD and always a PMSing chick.

  • My summer has consisted of water parks, pools, and huge wedgies from my too tight bathing suit. Eh. I love my fat, dimpled butt. It has started to take on a personality of it's own lately. And sometimes it whistles. Hardy.Harr.Har.

  • My daughter is still in a very disturbing stage. Not yet menstruating however having disruptive mood swings like....well....her menopausal mother. Some days it is nothing but a recipe for disaster in this household. Me having hot flashes like a crack addict and my daughter bitching out. Oh.Joy. And it hasn't been proven yet however I do believe my husband has a vagina too. Blah.

  • We are buying a business. I cannot release details as we are still gagged with a confidentiality agreement but we are going to be business owners soon. And I am shitting eggs.

  • I bought a coach purse (one of a few...unbeknown st to my spouse.) and the shitting thing already started tearing when it was only a month old. That pissed me off and I am currently sharing words with Coach. It tickles me pink. I kinda like to argue.

  • I should have a master degree in counseling by now considering I have put in my hours of work with the deranged.

To be continued........