Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm a weiner!!!!

Yep, you heard me right! No...Wait....I'm a winner! Yeah, that's it....winner!!!!

Do you know Nissa???? Well, get to know Nissa b/c she has the cutest, most adorable, sweetest, bestest, nicest things ever! And guess what! I won!!!! Yep, I'll even prove it!!!!! Look!

"Thanks to everyone who participated in my first giveaway!! There will be more to come, I assure you. It's addictive(and you know I have such an addictive personality!)So without further ado, our winner of the Beautiful Boutique Ballerina Barrette Hairclip holder is..
Krissy!I've emailed Krissy & she'll get to pick her choice of Ballerina, either premade or a custom design.Thanks again, everyone!*As a special Thankyou, I'd also like to offer 1/2 priced shipping on all Ballerina Holders. This offer will run till the end of March! Just use code: NNHalf when checking out & 1/2 your shipping will be refunded!"
(Per her Blog)

Yep....that's me! My real name isn't firecracker! I would have spit on my mother if she would have seriously named me firecracker! However, she did want to name me Yolanda! Do you see me as a Yolanda???? Crazy women! And my father is no better as he wanted me to name Diva Peekaboo or Skeeter! I am soooooo not kidding either! Diva actually does have an unusual name however, it is a very pretty name! My grandparents smoked hay when they were pregnant with my parents!!!!

Anyway, back to the point! I'm a winner! Here's what I have won!!! It's a hairbow holder!!! Are you freaking kidding me??? I have never seen such cutism (I'm excited and I won....so I get to make up my own words! It's the law!) Look, I'll prove that to you too!

"It is illegal to argue the word "cutism" or any other word when Firecracker Momma has won a fantabulous prize. If you choose to argue such word, you will be punished by getting beat to death by a wet noodle!" Gov. Arnold Schwarze-cracker (No relation to Firecracker! And...it's NOT a Tumor!)

(you can own this too at a very inexpensive price people! Check it out here!)

You see, I have tried to win other bloggy contests! They are fixed people! No lie! If your not the most beautiful or the most popular you Will Not Win! But now.....I laugh in the faces of those other contests.......Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! That's right....I laugh because I just won the sweetest gift ever!!!!! Muuwaaaahhhhaaaa!!!!

Oh, alright....they are not fixed! Damn it! I hate being honest! So, they are not fixed but I'm still a little sore for never winning anything! I tried playing the pity role...you know! "Woe is me; my life is sooooooo pathetic, I have to sell dildos to have a life!" Blah, Blah, Blah! I tried playing the funny role; "look at me....look at me.....laugh darn it!" I get totally ignored! I try using blackmail; "I know what you did last night and who you did it with too!" I get laughed at! I try threatening lives; "I will kill you if you don't let me win!" I get the police called on me! Geesh!!!

My littel Packer fan Kathryn almost fell for my seductive ways! Don't lie Kathryn.......I almost had you at hello! But little Miss Kathryn just had to be smarter then that! Her mamma gave her some brains or something! Double Damn it!!!! I'm working on her though! I don't know if I will work her nerves or her mind but whatever, either way she will subcomb to my evil ways! *Insert evil witch laugh*
(check out Kathryn's site too because she is a very funny girl! Hugs Kathryn! Don't be mad at me for playing you) :0)

Thank you Nissa!!!! Can you tell that you just made my day??????

And since I talked about some laws; South Dakota actually has this law!!! So.freaking.stupid!!!

If there are more then 5 Native Americans on your property; you may shoot them! If there are more then 3 walking down the street together; they can be considered a war party and fired upon!!!!!

Ha, Ha....this is so funny!

Wait, I have Indian blood running through my veins! Oh shit! Don't shoot people....Don't shoot! I surrender!!!!


Kathryn said...

Ya little shit! ;)
I'm glad ya one something. And a good something at that! Wow! Maybe this will shut ya up for a while.

Um, that law? What? Ca-razy!

Sleeping Mommy said...

Congratulations! That is just too cute.

By the way, thanks for all that clicking. ;)

krissy said...


You are so my soul sister! I dribbled my spanx by laughing at your comment!!!

And hunny....nothing shuts up this big mouth...well except for Taco Johns tacos but.....that is sooo not the point right now! MOving On....... ;-)

FUN-ky Mama said...

Congrats! That is so pretty.

FUN-ky Mama said...

WAIT!!! You have Taco John's there still??? Our TJ's shut down years ago and they had the.best.chimichangas.EVER!!!! I am so freaking jealous!

Kathryn said...

OMG! I just noticed that I wrote "one" instead of won. See what happens when I try to think after 10 at night. Duh.
Talk to ya later, soul sista!

Mama Zen said...

That is cute, cute! I'm jealous!

Nissa said...

Muah! Thanks for blogging about me, babe! Now email me & tell me where to ship it ASAP- I need to get this outta my closet- Hubby's complaining about all the tutus & girly tulle in there! haha