Monday, February 11, 2008

Pondering tattoo's and stuff!

I'm sitting in my house right now pondering tattoo's....

Why you ask??? Well, because there is a small blizzard in my neck of the woods and I have nothing else to do!

So, even though my tattoo is currently in dire need of more antibiotics and my foot has swelled to the size of "Shrek" status now, I actually find tattoo's dangerous, seductive, free-spirited, and walking the wild side a bit! So, I don't have a life and this is my idea of channelling Britany Spears or Angelina Jolie..........go ahead......judge me!

Anywho, I was considering a tattoo on my bosom! My milk jugs deserve some attention. They've been through a lot and could use some extra love! Of course, I want something girly! I don't want a flag or an eagle on my boob (even though I think both are very cool, so if you are a women with a flag or an eagle tattoo; I'm not judging you!). I was thinking more on the lines of a dragon fly! Dragon flies are very lady like and very pretty! So, yeah.....a dragon fly! Then I ponder more and consider what the long term effects of permanetly tattooing my bump are! I get a ugly, ugly vision people! I forsee "ugly" in my future. Because at the increasing rate of which my boobs are dropping lately, I will simply end up with just a gigantic Dragon on my titty! A flame throwing, distorted Dragon! Not so lady like anymore, eh???

Then I thought about a tugboat on my butt! I thought it would be cute because tugboats go "toot, toot" as does my ass! Funny, witty, imaginative! I was impressed with my thinking! Then...I look into the future again! That tattoo would become a battleship within a few years (or months!). Not so creative any longer!

My tattooed friend Stacy thought about a "slinky" on both boobs! We laughed a good laugh over this one! She is a "trooper tattoo'er"! She has them on her arms, back and feet! I personally think she looks great! I think she is a very daring young lady! I fancy myself as daring! In reality, I'm a cat in a pool!

Maybe I should just get my ears pierced for a second time! EEEccckkk....Needles! Maybe I should stick to occasionally flashing people! That's pretty daring and (spooky!)

Anyway, that was me pondering while I shiver uncontrollably! My teeth are chattering and my feet are blue from being frozen! Yep....there is a pattern here my friends....I HATE Winter! And tomorrow school may be closed! I guess I will sit in the corner, sucking my thumb and drooling in a cup! I will have to buck up and entertain my Diva all day tomorrow. She doesn't have school Thursday, Friday and Monday either! I could quite possibly be bald by next week! Help me Jesus!!!!!

Last Jan. we were happily bathing in the ocean, tanning our pasty white bodies and enjoying the Orlando life! It was beautiful! Rollercoasters, SeaWorld, writing our names in the sand! Yes Funky Momma.....I'm totally pissed that you live in the Florida sun! GRRR!


jess said...

i've got a tramp stamp, but i've had it for years. i didn't know that's what it was when i got it.

i still like it, don't regret it, but probably would have gotten something smaller. it spans my entire lower back.

plus, i ain't as thin as i usedta be.

Nickie said...

Ha, ha! Toot, toot--pretty funny!!! I really enjoyed the bit about the slinky. In fact it might be fun to have one tattooed on each of the girls so that when I "exercise" I (or some wacky voyeur) can watch the slinky walk the stairs!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS I'm sitting here in the warmth of my house slacking off while my hubby is out blowing the driveway-hee, hee, hee. Really, he is a trooper!

FUN-ky Mama said...

Well just bring your butts down here to Florida, visit me and enjoy the sunshine! :o)
I am getting a dragonfly tattoo at some point, it's on my List. It'll be on my leg, though.
I don't care what they look like when I'm old. I'll just freak people out with them, then. heh heh

A Buns Life said...

I've got a small one on my lower left hip but my hubbies tats are something to behold.....I'll do a post on them for his prepared! :)

Kathryn said...

I have a tramp stamp too. I love it. Don't regret it at all. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo on the inside of my wrist as well. My bro is an award winning tattoo artist so I am lucky. :)
So you have a blizzard too, huh? Are you around the Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee area, then?

tattooed mama said...

i am so glad i got on today. thanks for the love, i needed it! i am stuck in the middle of "stickville" wisconsin...what i wouldn't give for a tattoo shop right now!
kyle thinks we should tattoo hands under my boobs to hold up the slinky, i think this idea is getting out of control.
awesome pictures. family love.
miss you & see you friday.
i love tattoos!

Kathryn said...

Funny. I just assumed (you know what they say about assuming things) you lived in WI cuz you are such a huge Packers fan. Well, that and the crazy snowy weather. Silly me.

So, should I just give you the prize now then? ;)

Nissa - said...

I say go for it! You can always cover your boobs if you don't want anyone to see the tat. Dragonflies are so pretty, I think it would look great.

I might get the slinkies, myself! :)

The MomBabe said...

ha-ha you're cold!

Mike Golch said...

Tats are an indidual thing.I had thought of getting one whenI first got married,glad I didn't.the marriage wloud not have out lasted the tatoo.

Huckdoll said...

I love dragon flies - but just make sure it really looks like a dragon fly so people don't mistake it for a mosquito.

This lady at work has a dragon fly pin and my boss always says, "why are you wearing a mosquito on your top?"

Cute pics! Thanks for sharing!!!

Lisa said...

I too am completely done with winter. Makes you crazy after a while!

Smitty76 said...

I'll be in florida in may! I can't freakin' WAIT!!!