Saturday, February 2, 2008

And this award goes to little ole' me!!

Oh My Gosh! I was awarded another blog award!

My girl huckdoll ( gave me this award because she thinks I'm special! Really, really special! I'm rolling some tears here in firecrackers world! Honestly, go check this fabulous girl out and give her some love from me! Everyone, anyone, all! She's a momma who keeps it real and doesn't run with the "in" crowd! I saw this little women in action and she is not afraid of opening up to the blog world and not being something she isn't! But what she a class act super chick and I would love to meet this momma in person!!! We would get along just fine!!!

"I would like to thank the little people! I want to thank all the fans (he, the few I have)....I couldn't have done this without you!"

Well, the reason I posted my post yesterday was for one reason only! I live in a small town, k??? I really never thought twice about my "job". Never thought it was a big deal as I know how many sex parties there are out there! However, because of this some people deemed me a lesbian! I laugh about this b/c of all the women in the world, I am the least "lesbian" of them all! I give girls kisses, but they are always my friends and like my soul sista's anyway! It isn't anything more then a "love ya" or "see you soon" kinda kiss! And trust me, I don't really care what people's sexual preference is! I have known many gay people (both girl and boy) and I don't judge them for their decisions. However, I am so not gay! I so love men, and my hubby is my one and only sex partner. I just didn't want my fan base (there I go again making it sound like I'm really popular or something!) to get the wrong impression! So far, I have met some groovy chicks here and I love you all (in a non-gay way of course)!!!

So guess what??? My fun little tattoo is now infected. Like oozing, yucky infected. I couldn't even get a boot on today! How ironic that I do something fun and it totally back fires in my face!!! Geesh!

And now my friends, let me tell give you more dirt on me! Okay, so I hate scary movies! I hate them but I don't like to be called a chicken either. So, stupid me watches the horror flicks and then has the sweating, freaking out nightmares! "The Grudge"!! Anyone else watch this shit hole film?? Well, it took me like 20X's to get through it and each time I made my hubby check around the bed for ghosts and tuck me in! I went to see the movie "Scream" with my non-chicken-shit friend! I screamed the whole way through it! I scratched her, I pulled her hair, I jumped on her lap, I cried real tears, I just simply wigged out! I do the whole covering my eyes but peeking through shit! It sucks ass! Me, Lynard and my hubby went to see the new Will Smith movie, "I am Legend". It wasn't a scary movie, but had a few moments of unexpected things jumping out at you! Well, I screamed bloody murder every time! The other people in the theater were getting rather pissy at me, my friend moved spots and my hubby laughed! I think I peed a little watching it! Now, I'm going to watch yet another spooky movie that will make me crawl up in the fetal position and cry! Does this make sense to you????? I didn't think so!!!

*see the freaky little ghost kid? Ahhh!

And ghost freak me out the most! This is why! If a actaul serial killer was after me, I would have a fighting chance! First and foremost, I have a gun! Don't worry, Diva knows all about guns. I have educated her well and she knows the rules and has seen the devestation that guns do! Secondly, I am a dirty little fighter and know where the good parts to kick are! So, I have a fighting chance! A ghost?? What the hell am I going to do to a ghost? Shoot it with a gun?? NO! Kick it in the weiner?? NO! I could say a few "Hail Mary's" but I gotta be honest, I forgot that prayer 20yrs ago! Again, I'm screwed! And when we watch spooky ghost movies, I mentally remember all the tricks to get rid of that ghost just in case I happen to run into one someday! I know, I'm a nut!

So, I'm totally weirded out by ghost however, my favorite t.v. show is "The Ghost Whisperer!"
I don't even make sense to myself! I'm such a idiot!

Tomorrow is SuperBowl! Woo-Hoo! Even though my beloved Packers blew it, I'm still going to drink and have a good time! Someone needs to piss on me because I'm still on fire over that whole episode!!! Why, Why couldn't they win that one stupid game????? *Whine, Whine, Whine*

Hey, guess what??? I put my fat ass on the scale today and have lost a whole whopping 4lbs! I feel good about that! And I also feel good that my ass doesn't look like this!

I wonder what lucky person gets to pull those thongs out of the crack! Ack!
Have a happy and safe SuperBowl everyone! And don't forget to give some love to Huckdoll!!!


A Buns Life said...

Congrats! Huckdoll is awesome and I have cracked up every time I have read a post....where in the hell do you find these horrible pictures?

Sandy C. said...

My eyes! My eyes!!!!! Holy hell, a warning my friend. Just saying.

Congrats on the 4 pounds...That's way better than the 3 I GAINED :-(

I'm a total wuss with horror flicks too. Till this day, I still remember scenes I saw as a kid from watching Friday the 13th *shudders*...I even had nightmares watching the X-files...yup, I'm a loser.

Huckdoll said...

Thanks for the shoutout, girl! One thing though...we ARE the "in crowd", but don't tell anyone ;)

Nickie said...

Congrats on the award. Sorry to hear about the tat puss-fest. Take care so as not to loose your foot!!!!

Mama Zen said...

I'm OK with the horror flicks, but I think I'll have nightmares about the thong picking!

jess said...'re pretty damn funny yourself.

for some reason...your pics don't show up in my browser unless i click on them.

Mike Golch said...

It's been a while since I stopped by my bad.And no I dont want to be the one pulling that ting out of there.

FUN-ky Mama said...

Girl, you are too funny! I have a love/hate thing with horror movies, myself. I could NOT watch the Saw movies. They are just over the top for me! And you should've heard me screaming like a girl during "Cloverfield". It's not horror but there were some very unexpected moments, it *is a monster movie. Nobody else screamed though. WTF?
I am a big fan of Huckdoll also! She is funny and speaks her mind, what's not to love??

FUN-ky Mama said...

Forgot to tell you, sorry about your icky tat.....are you taking care of it like they told you to? <~~ in my best Mama voice. My tats get 'angry' but never infected. Take care of it!!