Monday, February 4, 2008

Crazy Superbowl fun!!!

Superbowl Sunday was a blast! The picture above is of me, Stacey and Lynn! If you look closely, you can see that I bucked up and got some tattoo's on my arms! I've been keeping it a secret as I wanted it to be a big surprise! So...surprise! I look like Stacey now (chick in the middle!) Gosh, I'm cool!

Alright, just kidding! Unlike Stacey' sleeves are as fake as Pamela Anderson's boobs!!! It's a tattoo shirt! It's pretty cool though b/c a lot of people think that I really did go tattoo crazy! Please, my foot tattoo is still infected! My foot is so swollen that I can't put on a damn shoe! It's still festering and oozing out goo but whatever, it will either get better or my foot will fall off!!!

We had a damn blast yesterday! I decided to root on the Giants, the underdogs! What a terrific game! It should have been the Pack playing but Brett pissed that down his leg himself! I'm weeping now though b/c football season is over! Waaaaaaahhhhh! What the hell are we going to do with our Sundays now???? The obvious choice would be church! Ummmm.....I would love to say that I am a church going gal however, I am not! I'm sorry! I wish I was better at it! I pray every day though, that should count for something, eh???? I'm going to hell, arn't I??????

I was a little intoxicated in this picture! It was a self portrait and I know I cut hubby's head off but really, he's use to me biting his head off so no big deal!!!! Seriously, you could get drunk by just looking at this picture! I'm a lush!!!

Oh, what's that....someone must have taken a picture of their ass crack! Gross!!!! What holligan would do such a thing!
Oh wait! That's not an ass crack! That's my boobage crack! Ack!!!!!
I have issues with my current bra! Yes, it definately holds the girls up there and helps relieve some of the back pain but it does not seperate! As you can see by the above picture, I have a uni-boob!!! I guess it would be too much to ask to have it all! A lifter, a seperater a hefty holder!
Did that hurt your eyes??? Are you considering poking out your eyeballs with a hot poker now??? Well too damn bad because I'm gonna show more boobie cracks in the future!!!!!! LOL!
Hey, thanks to everyone who emailed or commented on the anxiety and panic attacks situation! It helps me in my journey to know that others have dealt with or are dealing with the same problems. Many, many times I have felt alone so your assurance is wonderful!!!
Have a great day!!!!


tattooed mama said...

yessss...i made it again!
i didn't even know that we were watching football. too much fun, and once again i feel like ass and keep on falling asleep at work. maybe if i wouldn't insist on closing the bar down with a cherry bomb in my hand every time i wouldn't have this problem.
ps.don't worry, i have ass crack boob and don't go to church either.

Nickie said...

Ass crack boob is the worst-give the poor sistas some room! Divide and conquer is my motto! Superbowl was awesome--I too cheered for the Giants really hoping that poor Eli can get out of Peyton's shadow. Great game, cool tat shirt.

lynard said...

We so are going bra shopping together. You need one that will let the girls be apart from each other!!! The game was awesome....though too many Red Bulls keeps you awake!!! You would think that the vodka would counter act that!!! Thank you for getting drunk with me!! I had a ball!! BBF as always I love you!!!

Kathryn said...

Nice boobage crack!