Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birthdays and rollerskating and boobage....oh my!

Pictures are worth a thousand words! And sometimes they are worth some serious giggles too!

Look'll see the local PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) leaders at their finest!!!

The President and the Vice President!!!

Oh look, it's our Treasurer laying in some man's crotch!!! This is going in the freaking school newsletter!

Well hello Miss Nicki (and funny hubby)! This here is our Secretary (and therapists b/c we have all laid down our problems to Nickibaby!!!)

This here lady has been to Ozzyfest before and has also mooned her poor mother as well while driving down the interstate! Not such the lady, eh??????? And you wonder why we put her in charge of the "family fun committee"

Oh yeah, we Rock this small little town regardless of what people say or think! Everyone wants to be as cool as us I tell ya!!!!!!

Now let's look at some boobies!!

Some hemorrhoid cream stuck in some cleavage......hmmmm!

I've considered rubbing this cream on my buddahs before to reduce the size. It doesn't work!

It just makes them look like huge marshmellows....sorta like the "Stayed Puffed Marshmellow Man"

There are just no words for this picture, but it makes me chuckle every time I see it! Maybe my head is in the gutter all the time!!!

Here's my hubby and his wife! Hubby is looking a little bit drunk here!

Here's hubby and his girlfriends!!! Geesh....

Let's talk skating now!

Here's Diva trying to skate......her arms resemble a windmill while skating. This is how she keeps her balance. Guys should cover their "goods" around her unless they don't want anymore babies!!! I taught her well!

This is my mo (mother), my niece, my Diva and my old goat dad (whom skated circles around me!)

And here's Diva and mom taking a skating break!!! Whew! Diva looks a little "scared" here.....not sure why though!!! Maybe b/c her mom is on skates???

Yep, I am a PartyGal! This month is a doozy for me though! Next weekend my best buddy since 1st grade (whom lives in Texas) is coming up and we are going out and then the weekend after that is the annual Fireman's Dance at which is a great, great time! After that, I am not going anywhere for quite some time! This is too much for this old gal!!!

Tonight we are hanging out doing absolutely Nada!!! Tomorrow is supper with my parents and then my Diva has a few plans. Last I knew she was invited to a friends house for a sleep over (no school Monday) but what do I know, I'm just her personal assistant anyway. Plans could change any minute! She has a schedule and social life ya know! She also has a room to clean after having a friend spend the night here and they decided to take her old clothes and make new clothes (Britany Spears style!) but neither one of them thought about cleaning up the scraps! What brats!

Funny thing....we had conferences and her teacher told us that she is very funny and very entertaining!


FUN-ky Mama said...

Hmm, wonder where Diva gets that from?? ;o)
You all look like a fun bunch. I wish our PTO was that laid-back and wild & crazy!

Mama Zen said...

I wish you guys would crash the PTA around here!

Noble Pig said...

Seriously, you look like you are having so much fun and you always have the nicest smile on your face.

Mike Golch said...

yor yooked like you had a lotta fun.I especially had a great big belly laugh at the hemeriodal cream box locations. No PTA that know of has that much fun!

Grandy said...

Huh...very funny and very entertaining...where might she get that from?? Great pics but better commentary about the pics. ;)

Don Mills Diva said...

You crack me up - you would be the talk of the Harper Valley PTA!

Lisa said...

Wow. You have alot of fun on your weekends. :-) You gotta love that!

Brittany said...

looks like you all had way too much fun!!! :)

Thanks for visiting my site!

jess said...

um, your PTA is way cooler than mine. i'm the legislative chair.


Amy said...

Really, you're just plain CRAZY!! I LOVE it!

Nickie said...

Good pics and great b-day bash! We truly are the coolest PTO-we rock the world (or at least our city!).

Smitty76 said...

It looks like you had a FABULOUSLY fun time! LOL
P.S. Nice boobies!!

LunaNik said...

You guys are fun!!!

Can I come over and play???

Kathryn said...

Here I am! Here I am! I was out of town this weekend and then I was just plain old tired, cold and bitchy, so I thought it best to stay away from the blogs. ;)
Sheesh! You are a party girl! Looks like you had some fun this weekend!
Wish I had that cleavage. Damn!

girlymom said...

You gals look like a fun bunch~ what a fun night out!