Sunday, January 20, 2008


What a crappy day in the football world. My beloved, precious Packers disappointed me and hubby to the fullest. Friends of mine all over the world were sent a text to leave me alone for a couple of days before I could recoup and rejoin the outside world. I am shamed and just really pissed. So, lets do some funny I think that will lighten the mood a bit.

Here's my favorite picture ever! either fell off or this redneck is just tucking it in, which either one could make me poke my eyes out with hot pokers but oddly enough it still makes me laugh like hell! I need help!

And just for fun, let's try this one!
Okay, speaking of "small guns"....let me enlighten you about something that I sell. It's called "Girth Rings". Oh, I know your hubbys will probably be a little shell shocked when you tell them that they just "aren't quite girthy enough" but wait....I have something to rub their ego a bit. Most of the girth rings have nubs on them. These "nubs" help by giving different sensations and feelings. So, instead of saying "Hey honey, I'm not happy with how skinny your twinkie is" say "Hey dear, let's try these because they are supposed to feel good with those little nubs". And for your info.....the girth rings will make your 10second man last longer. Double score! Girth Rings are great! I also have sleeves that act like girth rings but also have a bullet especially for you! This is called the Futrotic 4 way! Love it, Love it, Love it! Try it people!
And ladies...something that is really important that I have had numerous ladies ask me about. This may not be a subject we all like to speak about but we have all had the occasional "smells" down in our "woo-whos". Don't be embarrassed about this as this smells could be for numerous different reasons. Yeast infections, pre or post menstrual times, UTI's, etc. Sometimes it could be from just sweating. Men get "swamp balls" in the summer but we ladies also sweat in the genital area. Sometimes these smells don't disappear even if you wash and scrub vigorously. So, get a lube that has scent to it or a spray that also doubles as a "exciter". This means that it makes the blood flow faster to your "fun place" and allows for a faster, better orgasms. Again, email me if you have questions about such items. I'm not brave enough to start showing these products on my blog and I still don't understand the hyperlink so until I figure it out....we'll have to use email!
My hubby read my blog and laughed out loud. He loves it and is willing to help. Plus, I have a few interviews done now! When I get a few more, I'll pass the info on to you. I'm waiting to get a few more readers!
Well, that's it from this sad, sad Packer fan! Boo-hoo!


Nickie said...

Swamp balls are sick and wrong! Here's another one--fumunda cheese--the gunk that a man gets from under the balls after a hard days work! I got that tip from a sick bastard back in my college days!! No spray in the world to get that smell out, just have to wash the cheese away.

Mike Golch said...

Love the rednecks,the cheesyness well it just happens.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness....this was too much! You are funny as hell....try standup some time!