Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rest in Peace, Heath

This is a tragic loss to us that adore and stalk movie stars! I love Heath, especially in 10 Things I hate about you! Such a cutie and seemed like a devoted, wonderful dad! Just goes to show that the green doesn't buy much happiness!
I took a spill today in my drive way and hurt my thumb and palm. I don't think it's broke but it hurts like a mother! So, I'm sporting a nice contraption used for people with carpultunnel (spell check isn't finding this word so if I spelled it wrong, forgive my stupidity)....lucky my mom gave me this awhile ago and I'm grateful for it now b/c it does help....but it totally sucks when I'm trying to type! I've been backspacing a lot and this is what my typing would look like if I didn't have backspace!
Nice, eh??? And for the record, Diva laughed herself to tears after my spill! She is so precious!
Anywhoo...I'll miss Heath and pray for peace for his family!
My hubby had a awful day today and I have to go boost his mood a bit! Tomorrow I'm going to link a few sights that I have found very interesting! Until then go to my comments and look at some of those sights! I want to send each of you to http://toddlerplanet.wordpress.com/. This lady has breast cancer and is undergoing massive surgery! She needs some prayers and love so stop to say hi and let her know you were there. She loves comments (like most of us) and will find strength in our messages!
One more thing.....Nickie, you dog, just one yourself something from me....it's official. I'll inform you what you get when we go do lunch at Johnny's Thursday. Your a weiner, I mean winner!!!
You are a trooper at comments (hint hint to all you other stalkers).


Nickie said...

Yeah, baby! That's what I'm talkin' about; bring on the prize. How'd you know I was a weiner?

Grandy said...

Amen!! RIP Heath!