Tuesday, January 15, 2008


In all my babbling about docs, strep and poopie, I forgot to mention my specials! Shame on me! So, here it goes....

If you want 20% off any one product, then you must email me so I can order it for you! Email me to partywithkrissy@partygals.biz.

I will get your info through either phone or email and then I will give you your discount. Something I totally suggest for anyone.....Pheromones. Ohhh....you will love the way it entices your lover, makes him drool all over you and tends to make women relax. This works well with the crabby people in your life. And if that isn't enough, it will calm children. Each person has their own unique smell when using it and it ALWAYS smells good as it reacts with your bodies own chemicals. This stuff is very powerful and very necessary! You will never need perfume again even though you can wear both pheromones and perfume together.

On a side note....all transactions are safe with me, so when you use your credit card, I will usually have you send me half of the number in one email and then the rest in a second email. After I make the transaction, I delete all your information. If you are interested in ordering some stuff but don't feel comfortable with giving me your cc info, then email me and I will work something out with you!

Look through the website though, you are sure to find something that you love. Oh, and I mustn't forget to add that I am also a GirlyGal consultant which is all spa and makeup and we have GirlyKids as well which is wonderful for little girls. Check it out!!!!

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