Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wacky Wednesdays!!!!

NOTE~Spell Check isn't working and I suck at please tolorate it this time!!! Thanks!

Have I ever told you about "Wacky Wednesdays"? Well, let me tell you now! Me and my friend Lynard spend every Wednesday's doing something totally outragous and fun. We have rode the carosual at the mall, we have hung out with oversized cows, we have stopped suddenly just to jump out and mess with a man in a costume advertising their business. All the while, we take pics and send them off to the poor souls who have to work and are holed up in an office (my hubby!) This is my time with my friend, who is very, very much like me! We have a flipping blast!!

Me playing with the "naughty" stuff at Spencer Gifts!

But of all the "wackiness", today took the cake! You see, I'm a "tatoo virgin". Yep....crazy me has always been a chicken shit. In the last three years I have been through some serious pain (both emotional and physical!) We have endured more floods in our finished basement (including the day we moved in) then one should ever have to endure, I had Spinal Menigitis which is very, very painful, a full hysterectomy that was quite possibly the worst pain I have ever felt, a car accident that injured my back, etc! It has been a rough 3 years! Those pains were something I couldn't help! A tatoo is a pain that I don't have to indure! However, I have whined for months now how bad I want a tatoo. Oh, my hubby and friends have listened to the "I so badly want one, I just want to be a part of the cool club!" All the cool people have tatto's you know! I HAVE to be cool! And in true "Krissy" form, I have to want one on the part that is supposed to hurt the most....the top of the foot. Of course that would hurt and of course that is where my heart is set to have a tatoo!

Well, my Lynard needed her other ear pierced. No....not the ear lobe but the hangy thingy in the middle of the ear. The first ear was done last year and so she had to do the other ear so she could stop walking lopsided! Well.....the first time she decided to add a hole to her head it didn't hurt that much at all. But apparantly, Ducky (her piercing dude) used too big of a needle this time and also explained that her left ear had alot more cartlidge in it. Because of these reason' hurt like a Mother F'er!!!! I thought she was going down like a slut on prom night!!! Seriously, she was looking a little white and sweating some beads!!!

Ducky was wearing a shirt today that said "I'm not a gynocologist....but I can take a look anyway!" Upon seeing the the table that Lynard was getting her hangy thing pierced on looked like a doctors table, I got an idea! Let's take a picture that looks like Ducky is playing Gyno today!

I only wish the thing had stir-ups!
Okay, so as I was sitting there'....I mean watching my friend go through the pain of her ear.....I decided that I was being a wuss and I could handle a tatoo! Damn it...I'm getting a tatoo on my foot! If my friend Stacy can tattoo her entire back and much of her arms and both feet, I could handle a shitting tattoo! I mean all this cool chick have tatoos. That's Kelly (left to right), Amanda and Stacy! They are rocking the tatoo's and dancing to Irish Punk music! LOL!

So, me and Lynard both got tatoo's. The same flowers on the same foot! I thought I was going to die! I had one panic attack after another! I pretended to be brave, as Lynard sat over on the other table laughing (I was visually imagining myself bitch slapping her) while I sat there trembling! I made it through without any tears, but after leaving the shop I limped out yelling "I will never f'ing do that again! EVER!" I wanted a piece of cheese chewing on a deflated football (Green Bay Packers "Cheese Heads") on my upper ass cheek but I have pissed that idea right down my leg! OMG!!!! It was misery!

But now, I'm left with a pretty hibiscus flower permanetly etched into my flesh. I love it! The pictures don't do it justice as I was drinking a beer at this time and I couldn't get a good shot! It sorta looks like a four leaf clover in this picture but in fact, it is a work of art!! Remember I hate feet, but I will show off my swamp paddles all the time now!! Please ignore the un-pedicured toes though! Geesh!

Anyway, I feel better now and the color has come back to my face! But because this is "Why we love him Wednesdays"....I wanted to add that my supportive, wonderful hubby skipped out on a stack full of papers today to come and laugh at his pathetic excuse of a wife! And that many a times my hubby has done some Wacky things with me and my friends before! I love him and I'm the luckiest wife in the world to have a man like him!

*Note....this next picture only proved that I shouldn't wear stripes! Ack! And take note in the ample amounts of cleavage yours truly is sporting! Yeah baby!


Grandy said...

You SLAY me lady!! Sportin the boobies can be a good thing. Need I remind you of your previous post on the boobie pros & cons??

FUN-ky Mama said...

Congrats on the tattoo! I have 2 and am getting my 3rd very soon...maybe this weekend....

Huckdoll said...

Way to go brave girl! Tattoos hurt so so much, I know. I had the typical "tramp stamp" done about ten years and it was so painful that I never had it completely colored in. Don't get me wrong, it still looks awesome, but DAMN! that sh&t hurt like a mutha. I think we all need a little Wacky Wednesday!! Sounds fun.

Huckdoll said...

Krissy! You must put your email address up response to your comment: Yes, I will post my tramp stamp for ya. Keep an eye out!

tattooed mama said...

we love tattoos!! wish i could have been with you yesterday, at least i got to join in on the traditional after-tattoo-beer! i am so glad you are part of the big girl club now. you know what's next...convention time!
why do we dance when we are drunk?

Smitty76 said...

Ok right before I read your note I was about to say, you look great in that last pic!!

And I think you have now scared me away, completely, from getting a tattoo. I really wanted something little and discreet but I don't want the PAIN!!!

OHmommy said...

Ouch, Krissy.

You rock! You are the REAL thing aren't you?

Nickie said...

Yeah, welcome to the club!