Saturday, January 26, 2008

My life

She is a one of a her "mo"(this is what she refers to me is "Patty"). There are days that I chuckle, there are days that I roll my eyes and there are days that I want to hide in a closet. Her friend was over and Diva decided that she wanted to hang posters on her ceiling (of the Jonas Bros., Hannah Montana, etc) so she could stare at them before falling into a blissful slumber filled of images of her favorite rockstars. Because I was busy and couldn't devote my full attention to her (shame on the firing squad) she enlisted her friend to help.

Once, she was told to do her chore outside of picking up the mounds of dog doo before she could play. I looked outside just to see Diva pointing out the nasty while one friend scooped and the other friend held the bucket. She is going to climb the cooperate ladder fast! She delegates well!!!

She makes her cousin brush her hair for her when they are together; for instance when we were almost to Green Bay to watch the Packers game. Kiki (my adorable niece!) obliges but not without a little bitching to go with it!

My adorable nephew has even brushed her hair, he's 5yrs old and gullible. I don't have a pic of this but I will the next time so I can blog it!!!

Then there are my other two furry kids who have piss and vinegar running through their veins. oldest dog (Vampers) loves to chase lights. If you have a watch on....she knows that at some point it will generate a reflection and she goes on a hunt. My younger dog (Scoobers) who is the reason for my losing hair, loves to hump! She's a girl, and there should be no reason for her humping as it gets her nowhere, but nonetheless...she humps! She only humps Vampers though! And humps Vampers when: a) Vampers is chasing lights b) when Vampers is barking!

So, you can imagine how many good pics I get of the dogs considering the flash props Vampers into a statue and this initiates Scoobers to hump....usually her head! However, I have found the thing that will make them sit pretty. It allows them to forget lights and humps. It's treats! This is one of a few good pics I have of the furry children!
I cannot even have normal dogs for criminey out loud!!! Well, hubby is bored and wants to go somewhere. Considering I just came home from the gym and smell like a dirty towel I suppose I should shower.


girlymom said...

Ok, that pic of them hanging the posters is hilarious! They are very creative with their problem solving!

amanda said...

haha! I love the poster hanging pic!!

Smitty76 said...

ALL your children, both the Diva and the furbabies, are adorable! Love those pictures!

Huckdoll said...

Your daughter is nothing short of gorgeous! Wow. And your dogs....oh my god, your dogs are so beautiful. I want them!!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Diva is a girl after my own heart!

The doggies are precious! :)

*as is The Diva.....OF COURSE!