Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Holy Shit it's cold!

Well....Old Man Winter is being an ass to me! Why?? Because for the last few days we have had nice weather. Temps in the forties or fifties! And today, the rat bastard brings me -64873889*. That doesn't factor in the windshield either! So, he's a tease! There is like 50mile per hour winds howling around blowing off mailboxes! Come on!!! I swear I heard him taunting me in one of the wind gusts. I swear I heard "Hee, Hee....Bitch...blog about this!" Argh!

Well, I'm glad you all liked the boobage blog! I want to get my stack cut off! I want to be a size "C" cup! This is my wish. However, hubby doesn't have the same wish. He would drop me from the insurance if I ever considered it! So, I'm stuck with the bouncing Buddhas for now! He's going to regret this later in my life when I look like the lady in my last entry! I will tell you though, I understand to a point why he likes the Buddhas. Last week I was pampered! Yep, my friend who is a Mary Kay lady had me come to one of their workshops! I got a pedicure, a facial and she gave me a massage! But while she was doing the facial my head was resting on her pillows and seriously, it was relaxing! So, I get it!

I will have to post pictures of that night. It was a Thurs. night and we decided to go have a beer afterwards. We met our friends at the bar and we had just a little too much fun! We listened to Irish punk music and danced to it too! I almost had an asthma attack (even though I don't have asthma) from all the bouncing around we were doing. Shots were passed around every 5 min (lucky for me...I stopped drinking at this point) and the bar tab was unGodly! Next time, we are not going to do it when we all have to wake up early the next day to get kids off to school! Duh!

BTW....hubby isn't feeling the love here. He said that everyone commented on how gorgeous Diva is and how cute the puppies are but never once did they say how handsome he is!!! "They only said that I looked pretty being a lady!" Geesh! You guys didn't know how much up keep my hubby really is, did you??? Then he proceeded to tell me some things to blog about! He's very supportive!!! I told him we could make him a blog too but he just insists on being a part of mine! Whatever!

Wonderful....today is my errand day so I guess I have to brave the bitter cold! I am totally pissy pants now and will bitch all day!!!

I'll give you a funny though!
I always knew Elmo was cold and heartless!
Thanks for all the Congrats about my award!!!
Ta-ta for now!


tattooed mama said...

oh, the pillows...your welcome! oh, the asthma attack...not my fault. oh, the bar tab...$210...and that was only for the second bar that we went to!
that was so fun & the pictures are f'n hilarious. can't wait to do it again!
happy shoppin firecracker.

Smitty76 said...

Okay, your hubs makes a hot MAN, as well as woman. ;-) And I so know what it's like, I've written posts about mine (who now has his OWN blog, mind you) who always wanted me to blog about HIM! LOL Men! LOL

Manola Blablablanik said...

Hi firecracker momma! Just stopping by to say hi!

OHmommy said...

Tell your husband to get his own blog and then we can comment about him and how gorgeous he really is.

This is your blog so we comment about YOU and your bouncing buddahs. LOL you are one funny mommy!

Huckdoll said...

Haha! I'm so prinitng out that ELmo pic and taping it into the books...get 'em taught good and young ;)