Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I'm feeling somewhat better and I am excited because 2 people commented to my blog.....I'm on my way to the big time!

I'm so jealous of those ladies that have lots of bloggy friends. Why can't it be me???? I know some people are to private to talk about sex and some others find it vile that I even speak about it but hell, we all do it!

I'm like Blanche on the Golden Girls. Does anyone else watch this show? I love it! Blanche is my idol and I swear I will be just like her in my golden years!!

So, what is the big deal to talk "sex"? Seriously, we all do it and we all like it (most of us anyway). Is it that terrible to speak about the horizontal mambo? It's nature and it was meant to happen. Women reproduce and lets face it....if it wasn't for us the population would certainly die out. We all know men couldn't squeeze a watermelon with shoulders out of their twinkie! So, it is so bad that I have products that allow women to enjoy the job they were meant to do?

Anyway, I have a date with my friend to go get my hair cut and then I have to do the "good mommy" thing and work at the school! Just so you know, I started Partygals for my diva. I make great money selling sex toys, makeup, spa products, and potions. So, in return I can spoil my diva even more then I did before and still be here for her! It's perfect! Diva thinks that I sell make up and lotions (which isn't a lie) but she doesn't know the rest, obviously. My parents know what I do and they say all the power to me! I made a rule with them though, I will never, ever sell them a damn thing. Ack! If you knew my parents though, you would understand why I say this. They are fun, outgoing and outspoken just like me. I LOVE my parents!

Tip: If you are having troubles having the big "O", then try a toy. A bullet is a small toy and very inexpensive. You can use it with your partner or by yourself in the shower! It has many different ways to use it. Email me if you want those tips! I don't find it appropriate to say it on this blog. Or have a party, I express many cool things there!

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Anonymous said...

Your cracking me up! I love this blog! I think you should write a book!