Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh yay! I have strep! Something that I haven't had in over 12yrs. I have to say, I hate when I go to the doc and he asks me embarrassing questions like "When was the last time you pooped?" or "Have you passed gas today?" or "What color is your stool?". This is particularly embarrassing when my doc is younger and somewhat cute! Then I get the "We may need to get a stool sample!" Ummmm...I don't know who will be getting that stool sample cuz it won't be me, it certainly won't be you and I'm damn certain there will be no contraption stuck up there to extract a sample! Hmmpphh!

Anyway, I feel like a limp noodle, my throat still hurts like hell and I cannot swallow! I suppose this is my version of Weight Watchers. And what's worse, is I look like Medusa!!!
I suppose since this blog is alot about sex, I should write something. So, here goes:
When you feel like crap and you look like a dog's butt, your hubby most likely won't want to have sex with you! Okay, some men don't care if you look like trash and will have sex anyway, but most men have some sort of standards. So, if they are really, really needing a release, but are staying away from you like you have the plague.....hand them a sleeve. Because I don't know how to hyperlink things just go to my website (www.partygals.biz/partywithkrissy) and search "Sleeves". You will find a nice selection of things your mate can use besides their hand!
It works great when us ladies feel like puke!
So, this entry was pretty gruesome and gross but hell....it's my blog, I'm a crabby sick person, and I really don't care! Sorry, no time for me being pleasant.
More tomorrow when I don't feel like death!
Tip: Take a shower together. Wash each others hair, back, "areas" and make it romantic. If you do this early enough so the kids are still sleeping, then you are able to get in a few minutes of romance and probably a quickie as well. And for your information, having sex in the morning makes you have more energy and you will be able to handle stress better throughout the day! Surprise your mate by setting the alarm a few minutes earlier and becoming intimate. Hell, you may even get some flowers out of this!!!


Lois Michael said...

Hope you feel better....I found your blog from your comment on Ree's blog. Pretty funny stuff here. Your title seems to fit your style of writing....LOL Another blog I will have to revisit!

Anonymous said...

This is funny, funny stuff! I love the idea of sex tips! This is a wonderful blog!