Sunday, January 20, 2008

Comments.....please people.....humor me!!!!

Well, I hit over 100 views on my blog however, my ego needs to be boosted a bit and I need you comments too! Come on now, you could do it for a poor starving blog virgin who requires an ego boost now and again.

I'm going to do some surveys! This will be a fun way to readers/customers to read about other people's relationships without feeling weird about talking to others. This is great for the shy and guarded who feels talking sex is taboo!

So far, I have a few takers that are willing to divulge information. They are a bit frightened, as they should be, however it will be a quick and painless process! So, this will all be coming up in the near feature! I'm excited about this as it will help in my business.

I was thinking about some more tips and felt that this tip is important. It is most important to me and my hubby! My best tip for others is to in fact, research sex topics. This is obviously a good place to start. I am an open person so therefore, I am not embarrassed to speak the sex language. Luckily, my friends are comfortable about talking sex too. Some of our get-togethers have been humorous but educational. This may not seem like a great tip, but it is! You will find by talking to others or reading about others that you will be more inclined to try new things or explore more options. Personally, I think that potions that help get the most out of your orgasm and toys are crucial to some marriages. There are lots of woman who have never experienced pleasures by simply being intimate with a partner. I feel that a lot of this has to do with communication however, there are times the man cannot quite hit the spots. There is nothing wrong with this, nothing at all. It does not reflect upon his manhood and it does not make him incompetent to your love making. If you include your partner with the toy, he will feel a sense of worth that you are in fact, enjoying your time together more! This is research that I have already done and questions already asked. Yes, there are still men out there who will have nothing to do with sex toys. I'm working on that!!!! However, if you speak to others whom you trust to talk too, they may just have useful tips. It's not uncommon for us woman to have the same reactions about sex! sex to your friends, and your friendship will grow to a new level as well!

Here's a funny for you though so you don't leave here disappointed!

Could you imagine telling your child's school what the address was or worst yet...teaching your children that you live on Kitchen Dick Rd? Crazy stuff!!

Don't forget to's easy, fast and best yet it will make me really happy!

And there is something else....I have met a sweet bloggy friend. Her name is Fussypants and she is pure genius with her blog. She is also the queen of photo shopping. She has taken time to email me some helpful suggestions and is at my beck and call whenever I need her (well, maybe not that far but she is still generous with her time). Visit her, leave a comment for her too and tell her I sent you! She never disappoints!

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Nickie said...

Here you go babe. Another comment from the lady who chose sex over bar bitching last night! I definately agree that talking amongst friends is fun and educational. You just never know when you will hit on a point that you haven't thought of before. Research and instructional materials can really rock the bed too (or any other location for that matter)!!!!!!!!

krissy said...

everyone needs to take lessons from my girl Nickie! She rocks the comments and she is in the sure running for some goodies! You go Nickie!

Grandy said...

Ha!! I will have to come back and visit. You look to be a hoot to hang out with.

p.s. I've tagged you for a random meme. Come see the rules at my site, k??

I'm sending some link love your way. :)

Mike Golch said...

Ok you have a GRRRRRRRRREAT (STOLEN FROM YOU KNOW WHO)sence of humor.
talking with other can be fun even if it is at the expence of us mere motrals.That is my story and I'm sticking to it!

krissy said...
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