Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sex...does the body good, real good!

Alrighty friends….let’s get down to some dirty talk!!
I’m pretty sure that you have all had sex! Most of you have spawns running around your house reminding you daily that yes indeedy…..you have “done the deed” a time or two. No, you cannot go there and say “Immaculate Conception” because I have tried to claim this to my parents (ewww…who wants to admit to having sex to your Parents for God’s sake!). So, lets put down the walls and shoot the straight shit here….k?
Number one thing to remember, if sex was meant only for conception, then why the hell do we have orgasms??? It’s meant to be pleasurable too. A no brainer, right???? The problem is this…..it is much harder for a women to have the “eye rolling to the back of your head” moment then it is for men. This isn’t a secret! This is a problem for 99% of ladies all over the world. So, what happens is the women lose interest in sexual activity because it is a waste of time at this point. I mean why, why would we want to engage in this activity if we don’t get a stinking thing out of it besides loss of slumber and time. That’s where PartyGals comes in….*cue angels singing*
Potions…”Rock your World” type of potions. Potions that will assure a orgasm or two. And if that’s not enough, it will intensify your “O” to a curling of the toes moment. I promise you this….you will no longer say “Not tonight honey, I’m tired” or “I have a headache” or “Didn’t we just do it last week”. No-Sir-e. You will race your mate to the bedroom with high hopes of a monstrous “O”. In turn, this will make your mate love you even more plus, all crabbiness will subside. You can go shopping more often without the bickering from your mate. Most likely, the “honey do list” will have more check marks on it because your lover will be happy to oblige. Sounds magical, eh? Think about this…..after sex, does your lover act happier? Hmmm….
So, really….is it worth that extra 15 minutes of your day to appease your partner?
Change things up a bit. Sex shouldn't’t be a chore, it should be a reward! In case your wondering, Love Motion #9 is the magic in a bottle I am speaking about.
Also, don’t forget to lube ladies. It is so much more pleasurable! Think of a car engine….it needs oil to keep going right? A better ride, and better results. There shouldn't’t be pain when you are “doing it”. If there is, then something is definitely wrong!
So, in closing….remember all the positives. Happier mate, happier you, sex releases endorphins (feel good hormones, same things that are released while doing exercise), can lose weight (Remember, Sexercise), can sleep better and much, much more.
Rock it with your lover tonight, and make it a night that your partner will brag about to all his sex-minded friends! You will become the most envied wife of all time!

Tip: Try different positions. Avoid the “same ole, same ole” routine we all fall victim to. Again, if it hurts, then it’s wrong. So, change things up a bit but keep it pleasurable!
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