Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just wanting to blog again!

Oh my gosh...I just cannot stop myself...I'm so into blogging. I need help...always have and always will. I don't need help for blogging all the time because truly, I LOVVVEEE it! And I am determined to be the most popular, fun, irresistible blogger EVAH! Oh shush up and give me my dream!

I've already cleaned, the toilets are scrubbed, the laundry is getting done, the dogs are sleeping (after I gave them each a benedryl) and my Diva is at school, then off to Logo's. Hubby is hard at work having a bad day, which in turn used to make me have a bad day as I always felt bad for him, but because of this whacky life of blogging, I feel fine. I have approximately 2 hours to do nothing but some the dogs to make sure their still CPR to the away the benedryl so I never have to give mouth to mouth to a canine again....then blog about giving mouth to mouth to a canine!!! Oh yeah, I will stop for a potty break every now and then too!

*note...I don't want PETA stopping by or anything...I did not give my hyperactive pooches benedryl, but I have considered it.....ALOT! Do you think PETA would approve of this????

"mooo"ve over, I can't see shit!"

Throughout the day I also do a lot of gabbing with friends on the phone; usually as I clean! I gave up whistling while I work, I gossip while I work. As interesting as my gossiping can be ("Did you know she's doing him" or "Did you hear about so & so?"), it is not near as interesting as this!

I'm vertically challenged....I think I hear my calling!!!

I got a email awhile ago...I don't know who the hell this man is but this is what he wrote!

"Hey, any chance we can set up a demonstration for some of the products that you've been selling? I'll be honest, the only basket that I'm interested in is yours! Write me back if you're into a discreet meeting. It can be our little secret. "

Sure me on the corner of "KissMyAss Ave." and "NoFrickingWay". This was in reference to me selling Love Baskets for Partygals! So, I politely replied back this:

"You are a dumb S.O.B. and I assume you are so flipping ugly your shadow is ashamed of you! You probably stink to high heaven and wear overalls when you dress up! I'm sure you share dentures with your dog and most likely lick yourself clean too! Don't ever assume that someone as precious as me would ever give your fat, man-boobed ass a chance in hell! BTW...I am flattered that you picked me to be your "secret"!" :-)

Just Kidding! Ha, Ha~This is what I really wrote back!

"I'm afraid that I do not do any private shows nor do I do anything other then sell the products PartyGals has to offer. My limitations are just if you are interested in any other means of satisfaction perhaps you should look elsewhere. I'm interested in finding out how you received my email address or how you misunderstood my business? It would be helpful so in the future I can avoid such things as this. Honestly, I am very married, very happy, and very much against adultery. I'm sorry you misunderstood this. If you are interested in products from PartyGals, please go to the website where you can discreetly order from there. There are many different products that may help you in your search."

My hubby, my oh so wonderful hubby, told me to tell him:
"Sure, after a $2000 order and a valid Credit Card number. I'll meet up with you!"

Obviously he was kidding (I think) but it was humorous anyway!
Now for the important question??? Does anyone else watch CSI NY???? I'm confused and I need to know. Is Danny and Montana still humping or not????? Please, Please.....If by chance the producers happen to come across my blog....please for the love of God....Let them still be lighting up the bedroom! Does anyone know the answer????

Have a great blogging day!


Nickie said...

Damn, that's some funny stuff--another exciting day in the life...So, creepy man with the email, what's the deal? Nice response, although the first thought was even better! A word to you and your other commentators, I too love to hear about partners who fit so well. That's what I've had the pleasure of having for 10 years now! Much more fun to talk about the good times than bitch about the crap :)

Grandy said...

First, I think you should have stuck with the first email response to the man. You woe him NO politeness...I'm with Nickie.

Second, I think Danny and Montana ARE still humping on the pool table, but they've totally downplayed that. WHY?? I have no idea.

You ROCK lady!! And...I get your addiction to the blog thing.

Karen Sugarpants said...

You're right - our hubbys are so much alike. Mine would have said the same thing! Ha ha ha...
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day - I wish you well with yours! You certainly are funny!

OHmommy said...

Addicited to blogging. Really? Heehee... me too!

swampy said...

Addicted to blogging, huh? I think there needs to be a "Blogger's Anonymous" blog for bloggers who are addited to bloggiing. Say that three times with a mouthful of peanut butter.
I've given my Boxers benedryl for allergies and I take bendryl when I can't sleep. Knocks me out like a charm.
Your first response to weirdo-man was the best one. Sheesh. Creepy.
Come on back and be a 'stalker-out-of-the-closet' at my place sometime.
And, I truly understand the 'bad day at work syndrome' being contagious.
I don't charge much rent when you visit. Only when you camp.

girlymom said...

What did we ever do before there were blogs? Yikes! Sorry about the creepy guy- the one huge downer about being online, ya never know for sure. I haven't ever gotten into CSI, I like that kind of show, so I don't know why I haven't gotten into it, sorry I can't help ya.

Mike Golch said...

Great stuff,and yes there are us who are into CSI:NEW YORK!!!!