Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well, here’s my pathetic wonderful attempt at a blog! I’m only going to make it or break it in this blog world……It’s worth a shit shot though!!!

I must throw this out there…..this site will contain adult material…..I’m a PartyGal for Criminey out loud….I sell sex toys and I will discuss the horizontal mamba periodically!

I will also discuss my daughter, who is a 10-ager! She isn’t quite mature enough to claim to be a teenager but her mouth proves otherwise! My hubby is the extraordinaire of my existence as well. Although he gives me headaches, he is a great man with a wonderful sense of humor. So, the three of us make up a disturbed but fun family! I mustn’t forget the 2 black lab dogs that make me lose my temper more then I care to share with you all!

In this wonderful blog, I will give tips and pointers that work so well for me and my hubby. I’m no Dr. Ruth however; I have done my fair share of research (snicker) and read tons of self help books to know a thing or two about making a commitment to each others needs. Let’s face it….if the man ain’t happy, and then the wife can’t shop!!! My theory to a good sex life with your mate is to find and compliment his needs……and your needs. Men tend to have a high need for sexual activity and women tend to have a less then desirable libido. So, with the help of some extraordinary products and toys…..both men and women can enjoy their tender moments together. It’s also great exercise and I must say, I would rather exercise this way then “Sweating to the Oldies” with Richard Simmons! I borrowed this next term from a friend but loved it…….it’s called “Sexercise”.

Anywho….enough on that subject for now….I do think by giving some tips here and there could help the shy ones who want to ask me questions but cannot break that communication barrier to ask. This way, just read the blog and maybe I could become your new sex therapists…….

Tip # 1: Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you like and where you like it……say things like “That feels great, but can you move like this?” or “I would love it if you did this (insert whatever you want)”. The key to a happy love life is communication in the bedroom as well. Check out www.partygals.biz/partywithkrissy to find some books that give you more ample ideas! And while your there check out “The Cone”. It looks scary enough but is a wonderful, wonderful devise!!! Trust me!!!

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