Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To fake it or not to fake it? That is the question.....

Hell, we've all been there! All of us ladies have the gift of "faking it". It's nothing to be ashamed about and your not going to a "faking orgasm's hell" or anything however, this may not be the right decision all the time.

Let me regress a bit! There are times when we are tired, we are scorned from having to play super mom all day and doing the nasty with our partner is really not the first thought we have before hitting our heads on the pillow. However, sometimes we play nice and give in. It's no big revolution to us that men love it when we get turned on by them and they love it when we "have" the big one! So, we fake it with high hopes that it will be faster then quick so we can get some shut eye. I've done it, you've done it (yeah you, I see you shaking your head in denial!) and our mother's mother has done it (ewwww...granny getting her freak on isn't an image that I like to have in my head but you get the point!) I call this the "safe faking" zone!

Now, if you are constantly doing the "oh baby, oh baby, oh" and boosting your man's ego when truly it isn't an award he is meant to have then the problem is that he remembers these "mountain moving" (so he thinks!) moments and the next time you do the bedroom samba he subconsciously goes right to that exact spot. In return, your faking it again and pretending to be so hot a fire extinguisher is needed. This happens again, and again, and again. So, why are you denying yourself the right to that mountain moving pleasure. Why not tell him where to go, what to do and how long to do it. No, you don't have to be shouting out orders and becoming the moment killer. There are gentle arts to this! Something like "That feels great darling, but can you try here instead?" or "Let's try this tonight to change it up a bit". Put the big girl panties on and buck up! Stand strong as you are entitled to a little "mmm...mmm...good" now and then too! Sex shouldn't be just for him, it's a mutual thing and if it was meant to be alone.....then we would all be married to blow up dolls or battery operated toys! If you are a woman who cannot get the "O" no matter what your partner does....then seek out a toy and potions that are suitable for you both!

Make a promise to yourself that you are entitled to a little fun too and damn it......you will get it! Let your hubby feel all warm and gushy inside because he did make his woman roar with delight! Save yourself from the boring bed moments and make it right so you enjoy it!

Because I brought up Granny Sex: Here's a funny!

It's still blistering cold here in S.D. I braved the winter blast and went shopping a bit today! This was a mistake as my fingers and nose are both still frozen! It's a crappy "Winter Wonderland"

Stay thawed if your near by!!!!


Anonymous said...

You certainly aim to please....and you are saving the world...one orgasm at a time! What a fun, delightful blog! Keep up the good blogging work!

OHmommy said...

It is cold! But thay pictured cracked me up. LOL

Nickie said...

With the cold here in SD the only way to stay thawed out is to do the nasty! What better way to practice our communication skills with our partners and gear up for the REAL BIG O!!! I agree that the occasional fake-out is okay, but we ladies deservce our rewards too; so jump in the sack and crank up your partner (and thereby the heat, oo-la-la)!!