Monday, January 14, 2008

Sickly momma!

Ohhhh….today is not a good day. My throat feels as if it has been scrubbed on by a brillo pad and my head is now starting to pulsate. My hubby will mostly say “Yeah, well you snored so loudly last night that I am sure that is the problem”. Hmmmphh! Yes, I might have snored because my nose is filled with crusted green snot (sorry for the visual) and I couldn’t push the air out or in my nostrils. I think it is more. I have a slight fever at which I am controlling with Tylenol. I went to my fav store, Target, and emptied their shelves of meds.
Then my EMT hubby who confuses EMT with MD thinks that he can diagnose me and will be able to fix me without any meds. I won’t take you on the tour of his demented mind however I will say he is a sick, perverted man! Gosh, I love that man!
Saturday I “partied like a rock star” cheering on my Pack. Every time they scored, I had a shot sitting in front of me! *Blah* Needless to say, by time we made it over to my friends house, I took a slight nap (Passed out!) just to wake up looking like a clown on crack, pictures of my finger stuck up my nose and a cute little boy who “loves me so much” that he decided to take a seat on my HEAD! Serves me right for passing out….I mean taking a nap, around my wonderful friends. Even my dear sweet night in shining armor hubby contributed to my situation. Punk!
I took it all in stride though and thought it was quite funny. I made it home by midnight and slept like a baby! No hangover the next day, which just proves that I am a Party Animal! LOL

~Brett is “Farvelicious”~

~Packer Power~
Oh, my boys (Packers) played a good game, the Colt’s lost and the Cowboys lost so all is great in the football world for today! Now, if we could only rid ourselves of those pesky Patriots! Booo!

Well, I think it’s time to wrap my neck in bacon and curl up on the couch for some R&R until Diva gets home, conquer homework, consider making supper (could be Pizza), do laundry, get kid ready for bed, etc. *Sigh* No rest for the weary!

~Me and my hubby~ ~Sheylee and Emily~
Tip: Look into eachother's eyes for 2min. straight. Nose to Nose, No talking. You can caress eachothers face, back, etc. but just stay in the moment. Distractions are a no-no, so put the kids to bed, turn of t.v., throw the dogs in a closed door room, turn off the phone! While you are staring into eachothers eyes, remember to yourself of all the wonderful things your partner has done for you and all the reason's you love them even more today!!! Remember, romance is the key to great loving making.....anyone can just have plain ole' Sex now days! That's all I got for today.....I'm going to bed now! Nighty, Night!

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