Thursday, January 24, 2008

Linking Love the only way I know how!

Well....I'm not up to date with all the blogrolls or blogging rules but I want to definitely point out some fantastic blogs!

First: is Grandy....and she is dandy! I love this lady...she is a good bloggy friend. XXOO Grandy

Second: Oh Mommy...the sweetest thing since rock candy! She is totally adorable and pure of heart! I love OhMommy!

Third: What a doll...she is very talented and I love reading her blog!

Fourth: This Chicky makes you want to plant a garden and cook from scratch all at the same time. Definitely food for thought!

Fifth: Sleeping mommy is the one who started me on "Why we love Him Wednesdays" and we are frighteningly similar.

Sixth: We share the world of pre-teenagers. Isshhh...I wonder if we are both going bald as well!

Seventh: Laugh out loud sort of blog....funny and witty! You won't be disappointed!

Eighth: She is the Queen of Mayhem and writing. And has a pretty head of hair on her too.

Ninth: She thinks out loud and is very clever! Lots of fun here!

Tenth: Blonde mom is a nice, sweet charming girl. I heart her blog!

Eleventh: This lady has me thinking....and that's good. Keeps the cobwebs out of the ole' brain!

twelfth: Mike is a man who has gone through he fair share of hardships however, he survived. I like him because he was rooting for the Pack!

thirteenth: Martha Stuart doesn't stand a fighting chance with Lois. She could make swamp mud look good!

And last but not least: This lady has swamp pets! And their adorable...oh just go look for yourself!!!

Ohhh...I hope I didn't forget anyone.....ooops, I did!
YOU! Get your butt blogging! It is fun, it's cheaper then therapy (even though mine is free thanks to my wonderful friends) and it's F-U-N! need to get your bump moving on a blog. You are the Queen of Mouth and you would be wickedly funny!!!! Blog-Blog-Blog!

I'm not good at hyperlinks and keep in mind that I'm partially brain dead most of the day so don't get mad if I didn't do it correctly or that my blog looks generic. I've recently found out that there are apparently some rules that virgins need to follow. I have never been one to follow rules so this sorta sucks the big one for me! If I have broken such rules....forgive little ole' me! If you don't forgive me...I'm sending Nickie and Lynn out to get you! them Roar!

What's that....You want a funny Picture again. OK! I am to please!

Now....I certainly don't want this to become a Political blog because I get overheated when discussing politics! However, I am going to add for lack of better judgement that I do not have a problem with President Bush! There....I said it....disagree if you want! That's the beauty of living in the Grand ole' U.S. of A; your entitled to your opinion! But this picture makes me laugh out loud!!!!!

My tip for the day??? Well, brain is taking a short intermission today so I will have to find a quick one!
How about have sex tonight, make it worth your time, and note how you feel afterwards! Did it make you feel relaxed, happy, sad, mad, etc. Then analyze what your feelings were. Ex. If you felt relaxed, then perhaps sex is a good thing for you. If you felt mad, perhaps you need to explore the reason for such emotions! If you have any questions, do like my other friends do and email the question. I will do my best to help answer! Remember, I am not a sex therapists however, I've been told I'm better! Ego boost!!!

Have a good day and thanks for the support! Smooches!


funkymama said...

OMGosh! I am so honored! Thank you for the link love and the compliment! :::cheesy grin:::

tattooed mama said...

hey lady, i was so impressed that you got up early and did all of this work on your blog today, then i saw that you posted it last night. oh well, still says thursday! thanks for the suggestion...i don't have anyone to have sex with tonight though, so going to have to be myself again...not always a bad thing!

Smitty76 said...

Holy crap! I made your blog roll already! I feel special!! Oh, so special! (in my head, I'm singing this to that tune, "I feel pretty, oh-so pretty" LOL)

:-) Thank you.

Ali said...

thanks! i blush ;)

Miss said...

Wow way to link drop! I am impressed!!

girlymom said...

Thanks for starring me in your leading line up- I feel famous now! You crack me up, I am so glad to have found you and that sense of humor!

krissy said...

Tattoed Mama....Is that you Stacey??? I have a sneaky feeling it is! If so, Sex yourself up sista!!!

Anonymous said...

Split my gut laughing at always! This is why I love you!!!

Nickie said...

Oh, come on--I don't need my own blogspot when I can just stalk yours :)

PS Can't wait for my prize for being your comment buddy!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Thanks for the linky love! :) too could have this hair color! I pay good money for it! (hee-hee) My hair has a lot of red in it..naturally...but I choose to enhance that! I figured....I already have the redhead why not?! :)

I am not too sure of the rules what you want!

Mike Golch said...

Krissy,Thank you for your best wishes about my mother in law,she is still in the hospital and they are still doing tests,so hopefully we will knoq something soon.
Thank you for putting me in your list,I felll really honored.which means not bad for an old man (56 on 01/22/08)that just got into blogging.
God Bless,Mike

LunaNik said...

OMG that bush picture!!! so friggin' funny!!!

Grandy said...

Cracka~~ YOU SO FLIPPIN ROCK!! Thanks for the linky love hun, and I'm sorry I'm just getting here.

Look at all your commenters you're getting!! You GO GIRL!!! I'm so PROUD!!

Oh yea, from one overactive libido to another...thanks for the reminder. Hubby thanks you too!! ;)

Lois Michael said...

qzbwhlqeKrissy, Your sense of humor is off the charts. I wondered who was kind enough to put me in a Martha catagory. Thanks.... Keep up with the craziness.

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