Thursday, July 31, 2008

And so it is.....

And so today is my 4th anniversary to my husband. We have spent 10 1/2 delicious years together. We have been through many trials and tribulations. We have made many stories together and many more memories.
Ten years ago we intertwined. Our hearts melted into one another. We became a couple in love. Four years ago we made it legal. We devoted our love and determination in front of a small group and God. We made our vows. We made our destiny. We have always been one. And then we partied like rock stars at our reception and did what we do best, laugh!

I cannot say that our lives have been blissful. We have struggled through hardships. We have cried many tears, we have clenched many fists, we have been on our knees. But somehow, one of us always has the strength to pull the other up.

You are my hero. You are my friend. You are my daughter's dad. You are my husband. A husband that makes my heart grow with pride and love. Every moment you love me and show me you love me or every moment you have loved my daughter has made my body quiver. You are a hero to the true form.

Our friendship and love has been our base. We formed a solid, strong base for us and our daughter. We laugh, we cry, we scream, we whisper sweet nothings. You know more about me then anyone else in the world. You know my dreams and my struggles. You know my fears and my joys. You are one with me.

My love for you will never end. My devotion to you will never die. My pride for you will always grow. Your humor will always make me laugh (well, not all the time but most of the time!)
You love me, you love my daughter and you love my family. I love you and I love our daughter and I love your family. We are strong and we are proud.
So, even though there are days where we both want to strangle each other, always remember that I have faster hands. And always remember how much I love my feet rubbed. Oh, and don't forget that I love shoes and purses, so your complaints are void.

And I will forgive you when you give me a covered wagon. And I will laugh when you flush a fish the size of a small purse down the toilet and I am stuck holding a toilet for an hour while you run to Walmart. And I will forgive you for being a procrastinator (note: forgiveness does not mean I will no longer bitch about things.)

And we will build a boat together the next time our house floods. And we will tackle the pre-teen and teenage years. And we will survive yet another round of disasters. And we will do this linked together......united as one. I've got you and you've got me. And together we have our daughter. We are mighty together and everyone knows our strength as a family.

I am going to love you forever. I am going to look at you as a hero. I am going smile when you belly laugh because your laughter (and Sheylee's) is my passion for life. Your giggles, your snorts, your antics makes me beam with delight.

Together, Forever..........Craig, Krissy and Sheylee! The mighty trio!

I love you honey. And I promise to always love sex as long as you promise to stop complaining about all my purses and shoes. Hey, we have a deal, right???
My heart is yours my stud! You are stuck with me for a very long time. And God knew the plan when he put us together. Because God is Good and he knew that we were meant for each other.

Thank you God, for the treasures you have given me. Thank you for the celebrations and even the struggles. You have made us strong and we know that we can persevere as long as we have each other, family, friends and of course, YOU! You brought me so much to be thankful for. It is you that is the ultimate Giver. And it is YOU that is the love in our family.

Your wife (or boss, whichever you choose to call me!)


Mike Golch said...

Krissy, I feel the same way about my Celestine. we have been married 28 years this year. we meet thru a mutual freiend. she told me that she knew a girl just right for me. I was wondering what was on her mind when she said that she deserved better that the way she was being treated and thst I would be better for her.Long story short we meet Sept 1979, March 01,1980 we were married and have never regreated that. Hugs and God's Love and blessing.
I wish the same for you and your husband as Celestine and I have had.-Mike G.said that!(It's an A.A.thing)

Blessings From Above said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Brittany said...

Happy Anniversary love birds!! Go do the nasty...too many all the wrong places. ;)

Huckdoll said...

Oh, Krissy!! That was so so very beautiful. You're so blessed.

Happy anniversary xo

Tara R. said...

Congrats! That was a beautiful tribute to not just your hubs, but your marriage.


Happy Anniversary!

Kel said...

Awe, Congratulations! It's a wonderful feeling being in loved and being loved isn't it? The hub and I will celebrate our anniversary on Monday, so I completely know how you feel!

Congratulations again!!!

A Buns Life said...

Congrats girlfriend and happy anniversary!!

Nickie said...

Happy Anniversary to you both--July is really a rockin' month!

Kathryn said...

What a sweet post. And what a cute couple! (btw- I love the Packer hat)

Happy Anniversary!