Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ya....I know

I said I wasn't gonna blog but do you see this sweet innocent face.....the one right below. Yes, she is sweet. Yes, her eyes are a sparkling blue and suck you in. Yes, she is the love of my life. But yes, she knows how to drive me into a drunken stupor. I'm sorry to say this, but this child of mine has "only child syndrome!" And I threatened to adopt a brother or sister today if she didn't straighten her act up. This only caused more whines and havoc and I just about blew a gasket today. Seriously, I was like "What the hell is going on and give me a fucking beer!" We went to the pool, I considered drowning myself. We were going to have a bonfire, but I would have thrown myself into the flames. Just like a bug, heading for the light. I'm just freaking out here! She has always been a needy, whiny child but nothing like this. Well, maybe a little but I thought she was getting better. I'm gonna punch myself in the head so I have a concussion. Lord, help me!

You see, her cousins are here. In her territory. In her turf. When she is at their house, she wears a halo. My sister and brother think that she is the funniest, wittiest child ever. But then I bring my beloved niece and nephew here, and her horns push the halo right off her head.

Sure, she loves them. Sure, she considers Kiki her best friend but she is jealous of any attention that I give to them. She is certain that we don't love her and that we love them better. She cries because we chew her ass when she acts like a snot nosed brat and doesn't understand that it is her actions that are making us do this. Let me rephrase, she understands, she just doesn't want to comprehend.

It looks like sugar and spice and everything nice, but honestly she is Tabasco sauce and pepper spray all rolled together today. What do I with this child of mine???? It's all about crying, whining, pouting, bitching, griping, moaning and groaning. What in the hell do I do? This mom is losing her flipping mind.

When the hell does school start? When? I need school to start now. I know, I'm always the mom that cries every.single.year. but if school started tomorrow I would be doing a damn cartwheel.

Help me! Help me please! I need some mommy intervention. And does anyone else ever notice that all damn day your hubby doesn't have much to say but the minute you get on to blog he has a mouthful to talk about? Or, Or, like when I am on the phone and he is talking to me and the kids are talking to me and the dogs are barking at me?

*Breathe In, Breathe Out* about a funny? That always cheers me up.
I need a few more pictures for my "Sexy Women Challenge!" So many people think that this is so neat so lets keep going, lets keep showing, let's keep being examples. You can do it!

"What do you think this Crop Circle means?"


Mike Golch said...

Dang senior moment.lost that one.
hugs and Blessings. Mike G. said that.

Kel said...

I hear ya sista! My daughter is only 6 (going on 16) and I too have the whining, crying, bitching, evil looks, "I hate you mom" blah blah blah. She is pretty level headed most days but during the summer when her step brother visits...all hell breaks loose and she is demon spawn! As you can imagine I am more than ready for school to more week, I'm counting down!!!!!