Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where is the love ya all???

Isn't it enough to turn on the news and see nothing but hatred and violence and sadness and grief? Isn't it enough to look into the real world and see disaster and it feels like it is only getting worse? Isn't it enough to worry about what the world will be like when our children are our age?

Blogging is supposed to be a release of all of the devastation. It's a place for us to ignite a spark in us that we need. A place to share our thoughts, adventures, mommyhood and for me, even sex. It's just a place for us to have fun, meet new friends and relish in a few hours of "our time" by separating ourselves from the real world and voicing our thoughts on a blog.

And then you get the trolls, ghouls, haters, losers, bible thumpers, etc. that send hatemail because it is better to bash someone else then themselves. Maybe they are a little envious of the lives that others live. Maybe they are mortified by lifestyles we live. I mean come on ya all....I talk about pleasuring your spouse/boyfriend in sexual ways. I'll say some Hail Mary's for myself and then write another sex post because sex is NOT the Antichrist people.

I don't care about the haters that come here. I don't care about the whiners that like to make themselves feel big and special because they call me names and throw stones. As far as I am concerned, the hate mail only makes me laugh at the losers that sit on their couch all day, probably scratching their balls or if it's a women sitting in her tattered robe with curlers in her hair and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, searching out blogs to bash. I say "Have fun White Trash, because if this is what your life has become and the only pleasure you get in life is sending hate mail, then I pity your soul!"

And if it is other fellow bloggers that is spreading hate, then I am truly ashamed of you. Because you should know that this is a place where men and women find a ounce of sanity and don't need to have you acting like you are all up in their shit. You are usually the ones that are jealous as hell and wish that you could live the life of others. The grass is always greener on the other side.

And if you are a bible thumper, pardon me for saying this but "Thou shall not judge others?" are a complete hypocrite. If you are looking for other blogs that are very religious and based only on religion.....then visit them.

Just because I don't blog about how much I love God and how much he has blessed me and how much I look towards heaven for peace every single day on my blog doesn't mean that I am the devil or an atheist. The truth is....these blogs are not who we are every minute of the day. Okay. You don't know that I have been on bended knee before praying for others who need prayers or praying because another soldier from South Dakota was killed and buried again. You.Don't.Know.

I'm sure of one target the blogs that you think will push these bloggers into a shell and scared to blog anymore. You target the sweet and innocent that don't like confrontation. This doesn't explain why you have targeted me besides the fact that I talk about beads up the ass but the point can direct all your hate mail to me.....because you don't scare me one single bit and I always have the last word. Is this a threat? Nope.....a promise.

You don't bother me.....what bothers me is the destruction of our one and only world. The killing of children, the hurt caused to people, the grief that seems unfair, the sadness that I can look at by just turning on the news. This bothers me. This hurts me. This makes me cry. Not a jealous, white trash, lonely person who finds nothing else to do but to talk trash to bloggers.



Mike Golch said...

sounds like someone NEEDS A BIG HUG! just remember,I'm in your corner and with your better half we got your back.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it. You ROCK girlfriend!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I wish there was a way you could block all hate mail! It's ridiculous. I'm nowhere near exciting enough to get any. ha ha!

Kel said...

Did you finally get some ol' hate mail from the gods? Damn the luck, *and you thought you were going to get off easy* Oh well, tell 'em to shove it.

I think the funniest thing is that they search out people to 'hate mail', but for what? Seriously do they think that their way is better? God or not, I don't think we were put here to suffer and all they are doing is inflicting 'suffering' in the form of mean words on others.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I don't think you have truly "arrived" as a blogger until you receieve some troll love!

I have had a few in my day! Also...I have had some PERVS! I am not sure which is worse!

Good for you...don't let them get you down!

Brittany said...

I'm not sure I've ever gotten hate mail!! Does that mean I'm not a true blogger?

And not all of us Bible Thumpers are hypocrites and judge! :) :) :) I am a proud bible thumper....and judgment in the furthest thing from my mind.

I love you, and you rock. Ignore those haters.

Sandy C. said...

Good heavens, are they still bugging you? Seriously, some people have nothing else better to do.

I admire you for blogging so well about this. I'm not sure what I would do...

Lilith Silvermane said...

You are the better person honey!

One of the greatest compliments in life is knowing that they are wasting their "precious" time they could be using to help others, to bash on you. When they get to the "pearly gates" they will have all of this thrown in their face.

The hypocraicy is very sad (so is my spelling), I wish that people like that would spend their limited time assisting those around them that need it.. (Isn't there an old lady in your community you could cook dinner for? Or a family with alot of kids who could use some time away to renew their marriage?)

Nope, they would rather sit in the "evil computer realm" and bash on women who are strong, understanding and willing to speak their minds.

It's a sad case that it's you hon! I'm glad you are so strong and can mock/laugh at those people instead of letting them get under your skin.

Take care, and take comfort in knowing, when you lie down with your husband, you shake the heavens! Who cares if they disagree with your desire to help others do it as well. I think they might come just to get advice, and use it later on in the bedroom... THEN bash on you for making them "feel" it. *shrugs* Screw 'em...

April said...

Damn I must not be popular enough to get hate mail *sniff*. I agree with PP, it means you've "arrived"! LOL Keep on bloggin!

Grandy said...

You know you've made it when the haters come a callin'. I'm jealous. ;)

Well said, Krissy.

Stacy said...

Amen, girl! You write about whatever the heck you want to write about! I have never received hate mail, but I'm not really the controversial sort online. I love all your posts, and those haters need to just get a life!