Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where the heck have I been.....

It's a game....

You decide!!!

Have I:

1) Been sleeping off the drunken day (last Saturday)?

2) Been learning how to drive a motorcycle?

3) Battling villains in the movies and gearing up for a grammy?

4) Flashing truckers my big boobs?

5) Went on a improve road trip?

6) Been watching a "Golden Girl" marathon? (since I love the show and am sad that Estelle Getty is gone)

7) Touring as a groupie with Metallica?

8) Joined the circus and became the human cannon ball?

9) Learning how to speak Pig Latin?

10) Been scratching my butt?

Number 10 is a trick question because I do scratch my butt however, it's not an everyday occurrence. Only on special days like my birthday or Christmas.

I have more sexy pictures to show. I need more. I'm not going to beg but I will plead with you. Come on ladies. Remember, we are women hear us moan.....oops I mean roar.


DysFUNctional Mom said...

My guess is #11. All of the above!
Did you hear that none of the other Golden Girls went to Estelle Getty's funeral? I wonder what's up with that. =/

Bedroom Divas said...

After reading your blog for awhile now, I would have to say it was number 4.

Brittany said...

I am guessing ALL of the above!

(Ok.. I know...I am putting this photo shoot me.... I just haven't had the time. I am seriously NON-stop from 6 am-12 am... it's been a busy month!)

A Buns Life said...

Sorry you have to use your imagination with my pics....I'm modest like that!

Kel said...

I'm going with 4 while also scratching your butt! :) haha

Seriously though...glad to see you are still alive!

Kathryn said...

#2? Is it number 2???