Thursday, March 27, 2008

A word from the not so wise!!!

Snow sucks!!!!!

It is snowing and it is the end of March!!! WTF??????

Another word from this old (not-so)wise owl!!!!

Husbands that stay home from work b/c of the snow should be classified as "Dead on Arrival" b/c this wife is going to slaughter him if he aggravates me one more shitting time!!!!! GO.TO.WORK.
As I was talking to my friend on the phone he stood in front of me mimicking me talking! He was saying "Gabby, Gabby, Gab!" He looked like a Chipmunk on Crack! So.Not.Attractive. I asked my friend, who does in home daycare, if she had any openings for this huge kid? I screwed up when I told her he still poops his pants because she said "NO!" Damn it!!!!! Actually, he's home b/c Diva has a school outing today and we are both going with her. So, he's playing good daddy today so I guess I won't kill him, but I might throw a snowball at him later!!!!

I gave my gay friend some advice the other day. He once texted a picture of himself and he looked like Boy George. It was spooky! So, as he was divulging way to much information to me, he mentioned that he was dumped by his boyfriend. I asked if he wore that Boy George get-up out with him. He said "yeah!" (all excited thinking that I was going to say how cute he looked!) I said "Seriously, don't ever wear that outfit again unless your gay butt wants to stay single forever. And since you play the "girl" role, go wax the eyebrows."

I'm pretty sure he did!!!

So, if you ever want advice and you don't want honesty (I am the friend that tells you that the outfit you just picked out is ugly as hell!), don't come a talking to me! I'm only brutally honest when the moment calls for it! Usually, I'm a bit more subtle and nice!!!

Well, looks like we are going to play the good parents now. Pray for my sanity as I get all the girls (because I am the cool mom!) and I'm sure they are going to whine, whine, whine all freaking day! And pray for my sanity with my hubby to b/c he will whine, whine, whine as well however I can spank him!!!!! ;-)

Pictures later.......of me spanking my hubby! Just kidding!!!!

P.S. In case you missed it.....the post below this one was my somewhat birth story. It's long, but if you want to read an "Ode to my Girly Parts" it's worth it!!!!!



Brittany said...

Snow sucks. Hope it goes away soon!

N said...

Ha, ha--Boy George, that's not a good look for anyone, including Boy George himself! Good advice! BTW, I would love to find a good home daycare for my hubby somedays too. At least he's entertaining!

Kash said...

You are so funny. Thanks for the comment on my blog, HYSTERICAL!

April said...

Eww, snow??? I'm glad it's not doing that here. Blech, I'm so OVER snow this winter.
And seriously? Boy George? He thought that look was "cute"?? Thank GOD you set him straight....uh, I mean GAY. Or uh, oh hell. Heh heh.

Sandy C. said...

Ugh, snow? Again? I officially hate winter. Last year it snowed in mid April here. I'm going to lose my marbles if 1 more flake falls from the sky :(

LOL at your advice to your friend. You are so awesome. I wish you could come over and wax my brows and go through my wardrobe :)

Good luck with your big boy ;)

Huckdoll said...

It snowed here yesterday, too. I could not believe my eyes! Whaaaaa!