Sunday, March 9, 2008

My hero hubby!

Have I ever told you that my hubby is an Assistant Fire Chief (EMT) before???

Well he is, and I'm super proud of the guy!

Have I ever told you that his pager has the loudest beeps and probably sounds something similar what a dog hears when you blow the dog whistles. At first, when I wasn't used to the high pitched noise, I used to jump so high I would hang from the ceiling! It gave me heart palpitations quite often and a few times I thought it was me that needed the defibrillator!

Now, I sleep right through the thing. I am a sound sleeper, that is for sure! Once I'm out, I'm O.U.T. My hubby has come home and woke me up a few times needing to vent about a bad call and I'm usually in a como like state, and the whole time wondering where the hell he was! Crazy!

And then there's my emotional Diva, who cried when we traded in a car because "this car holds so many memories for me!" There was a really, really bad call that involved a small child who unfortunately, didn't make it! Hubby was the EMT (one of them) that worked like a mad dog to save this child. It was emotional for him and after the call he just needed to come home and cuddle Diva. She laid an egg! Freaking out to needing nothing short of a Prozac drip! She was confused as to why her dad was crying, and was more upset that the child couldn't be saved. Then hubby had to leave to debrief, and I was stuck calming down a very irrational 8yr old. Let's just say children's NyQuil was my saving Grace that night!!!

Tonight, there was another call that required a helicopter ride and Diva simply said "Mom, I need to pray!" At first, I was rendered speechless with the NyQuil in my hand ready to poor it down her throat and then I scratched my head and wondered if she was doing illegal drugs of some type and then I called my friend and asked her if I should be concerned of alien abductions and then I smiled! Thinking "Wow.....Diva is growing up!"
And then she prayed, eyes closed, head down, hands folded pray! And then she shit a egg again! Damn!!!!!
So hubby is a bonofide cool boy! He takes it very serious and is great under pressure. Well, unless the pressure is coming from his demanding wife, then he crumbles in despair!
Anyway, here are some cool pics that I have played with on picnic! Diva picked out the picture.

She had more fun doing this then me!!!

And here is what happens at the fireman's dance when you have a nice big rack! People get the sharpies out and write fun things on my melons! How rude! :-)

Please pay no attention to the double chin! That wasn't supposed to be there....the turkey neck just sneaks up on me sometimes!

And here is me and my friend Stace

Ode to the rack again!!!
And here's a pic of my dance whore hubby (dances with anyone who is within reach!) and my cutie pootie friend!

Thanks for the support on my 100th post. I am going to take a fellow bloggy friends advice and do a sort of Q & A sex forum. It should be fun. I'm gonna get a whole new email address and all that fancy stuff so that we can do anonymous questions! I'm no sex therapist and I don't have a Phd behind my name but I am addicted to self-help books and I'm sure I have answers for all! Plus, you wouldn't believe the stuff my friends and strangers have asked me! Apparently, I'm easy to talk too!!!
Coming soon people...........


Brittany said...

aww... to have a nice rack... sigh. lol

jess said...

i have the effing double chin turkey neck bullshit and my twins are NOTHING compared to yours.

wha tha fuuuuuuu?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Nice to meet "the girls!"

Haven't yet posted a pic of my girls...Shmoops does read his dear old mom's blog and that might scar him!!

Hallie :)

N said...

Kudos to the hubby for doing a very hard but needed job/community service as well as a big nod to you for supporting him. Sometimes the family of a "do gooder" takes the biggest hit! (speaking from experience)

PS--my girls say hello to your girls

Kathryn said...

Look at those twins! Can I borrow some of that???
Great photos. Looks like you had a great weekend!

tattooed mama said...

hey lady, remember me?
i heard the helicopter last night always gives me chills. i grew up just like your diva, mom was chief in hartford & at the sound of the beep we knew she would be gone. but...i am so proud of her and everyone who shares that job.
and, i think my twins could give yours a little competition!

April said...

Seriously? You have the prettiest eyes ever!!! I'm serious, I wasn't even looking at the rack. Well just for a minute, but then that last pic with the eyes? WHAM!

jennifer said...

Nice rack!

I do love me some hero-esque men!

And a sex Q&A is a great idea!

Nissa said...

Okay, hubby lets other people write on your tits? Wow! Mine is WAY too jealous..


Huckdoll said...

Amazing profession your hubby is in and amazing little girl, too. I remember that age when I started questioning things and my thoughts and emotions spiral out of control...a very hard time, but a learning time, nontheless.

Fabulous pictures, girl!!

PS. Is the fireman's dance full of hot firemen?? Can I come next time??

Mama Zen said...

I can't wait for the column!

noble pig said...

You are so funny. Nice to hear you are proud of your hubby and Diva is a great girl. Your beautiful!

Mike Golch said...

I want to take the time to throw a big time Tannk You to your hubby for doing what he does.Cops,Firemen,and Emts do not get the thank you they deserve to have enough times.
as far as the sharpies comming out and not so nice comments being placed where they donot belong,welll that is just the way it goes,especially if the writer has been indulging in beverages.

krissy said...

Ahhh...I'm blushing!

And yeah tattooed momma, your boobs are better pillows then mine!

Can I just say that I love you all and I am so happy to have started a blog.

You all rock! Now if I could find me some South Dakota bloggers so we could have a blog feast!!!

If you know them, send them my way!

Grandy said...

You slay me cracka!! ;)

Cutest pic was you at the end ya cutie patootie!!