Sunday, March 16, 2008

The smartest kid in the planet........

My daughter is so philosophical. She is a genius, pure genius. She thinks things up that no other has probably ever thought of. For instance: tonight as I was snuggling in bed with her she asked me "Mom, if you were a turd, would you rather be a floater or a sinker?"

I was stunned with the thought she put into this! She would like to be a floater, so that she can "keep" her head above the water.

This proves that she is a thinker, and she will achieve so many things in her life!
She is also the most sentimental girl I have ever seen. She is attached to everything. We were trading in a car one time and she didn't want us too because "this car has so many memories for me!" She rolled some tears and protested! She was devastated when we (her parents) didn't allow a 9yr old to make the decision for us!!!
Today, she told me that she names her poop! Yep, she names it! And she gave birth to a very large one today that she named Bill. Her words were "I'll miss Bill, I'll always remember him!"

What a sweet, loving angel of a girl I have! She wears her heart on her sleeve!!!!
She is rather upset with her father though. He has been in a fowl mood that has required me to cut him off until he decides to be happier. Diva told him as we were eating Chinese "Hey dad, why don't you curl into a ball......that way you could be a crab roll!" I laughed at her remark, her father pouted! We didn't care much though!

So, please don't hate me because my daughter is so intellectual. Remember her name: Diva! You will see her winning the Noble Prize someday!

Don't forget my challenge! You want a picture of my knockers, signed and autographed by me??? You better get on it! I've had lots of requests for these suckers!!!!

Oh, Happy St. Patty's Day! I will wear no green today in hopes that I do get pinched! Yee-haw! I did celebrate this weekend because I am Irish and all, so here is a picture of me "getting my green on!"

We had a slumber party of girls this weekend. That was fun (sarcasm)! As I was eavesdropping, I heard them talking about boobs. They all want big boobs! Nice!!

(notice the token boy, he's our neighbor that loves to play with a bunch of girls!)

And I did go skating this weekend and I'm pretty sure my ass crack has a bruise that looks like a wheel b/c when I fell (one of the many times) right on the wheel and my "hole" was more like a target. If you want to see a grown person cry, this would do the trick! I'll be sitting funny for a few days!!!!!

Watch out for those Leprechauns.......some pinch pretty hard (me!)!!!

Peace out friends! Don't forget to think of your questions for my challenge! Help me out!


Nissa said...

Somehow I knew you'd like the pinching part, Krissy! lol

I've never heard of naming poop before! Your Diva is too cute!
Won't she run out of names? She'd better start thinking of last names for them, too! ;)

LunaNik said...

A floater or a sinker...OMG!

She's got her mommy's sense of humor doesn't she!

Love it.

Kathryn said...

Like momma like daughter!

A Buns Life said...

I love the crab roll......I might have to use that one some day....

noble pig said...

Hmmmm...I think I would want to be a floater too. It's like the whole half-full, half-empty argument. That is pretty clever of her for a girl that age.

I don't have a question. Since my hubby is a gynocologist I am privy to all crazy kinds of weird crap.

He has lots of patients who ask him weird sex questions. The weirdest to me was when his patient asked if it was alright if her hubby could rub her poo all over her becuase it turned him on! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That so grosses me out and what a sick-o!

Mama Zen said...

A floater or a sinker? Now, THAT is philosophical!

Sandy C. said...

I always fall on my ass when I go skating :(

Floater or sinker? She's beautiful,intelligent, and not afraid to talk crap! My kind of gal ;) Love it!

Happy St.Patrick's Day :) Loved the pics.

Grandy said...

She's not afraid to ask the tough questions that inquiring minds want to know.

Brittany said...

ha ha ha.

Happy St. Patty's day!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Floater or sinker? Such a deep question. Will have to ponder that one...

Looks like you did a great job gettin your green on!

Love the pics!


Anonymous said...

I think if my kids caught me off guard with such a question I would totally puke!! Way to go with the smart diva!!

Happy St.Paddies day, we so wanted to hang with all the peeps out on Saturday......

OHmommy said...

That last picture of her and you is so sweet.

Not only is she a thinker... she is drop dead beautiful.

YOU are in trouble!!!

N said...

Ha, ha--good question by the deep thinker. Reminds me of one of my favorite SNL skits from the past-Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy!

Sorry to hear about your ass crack!

April said...

"Hey dad, why don't you curl into a ball......that way you could be a crab roll!"

I totally just snorted at my desk. Love that Diva's comments!

Cheffie-Mom said...

HAHAHAHA!!! What a classic question...and a moment that will NEVER be forgotten hehe! Those are my favorites :) I think your blog is great-- and I love all the pictures. I am new to blogging but I would love to hear from you-- my blog is called "I Overcooked My Family". Can't wait to hear more funny stories :)