Sunday, March 23, 2008

More adventures of Tar-Jay!

Well, I went to work last night. Lynard pulled the BFF card out on me and I was suckered into going in. But, I did get a free movie out of it!!! Score for me, Easter cost me a whole whopping $22 dollars this year for 3 kids (my niece and nephew too!)

Limited Too: Buy one Webkinz get one free. It was my nieces b'day and she wanted a Webkinz, so she got one for her b'day and Diva got one for Easter.

Target: Discount, free movie and free diet coke again. Got the little rugrats some piddly shit and then I bought them a movie to share.

I am a genius! I know you never knew that, but you do now! I am a consignment shopper genius!!!!

Anyway, last night wasn't as bad. It was busy but I managed to make the best of it. Here's how.

1: I was walking into the stockroom last night and had a brain "lockdown". I swore the doors were automatic. So, I walked right into the freaking doors, which made a loud bang. Thank the Lord Jesus that my BFF wasn't there b/c she would still be laughing. Don't worry about me though, my "airbags" saved my face from distortion.

2: A women in my line as I was cashiering told her hubby to "Shut the f@#@ up!" He was bitching about money or something like that and she went ape shit on the man. He did "shut the f$#% up after she pitched a bitch out on him! I was belly laughing after they left!

3: Crabby bitches who needs some attention to their poo-tang soon! Maybe they would come down from "Bitch Mountain" if they had a gigantic orgasm! Dang! I laugh at them...ha, ha, ha...
because as hot as they feel they are, they are obviously still not getting some porn action! But I am..............ha, ha!

4: There is a member that works at Target with us who is legally blind. He can see some with his huge glasses but when he reads things he has to have it right up to his face. I'm not making fun of him, he is a funny guy who has a great sense of humor, okay! But we were putting swim suits away and he would have to have the swimsuits right up against his nose to figure out where they go. It looks like he was sniffing the swimsuit bottoms. Not to mention he breathes heavily out of his nose. He totally looked like a panty sniffer. Customers gave him a second glance and I busted a gut! He's such a cool guy though and laughed with me. He's one of those naturally happy people who act like a yellow lab when he sees you. He bounces around until you acknowledge him. Love him.

Anyway, I made the most of it and had a fun time. I'm spoiled and my BFF and the other Executive that is a friend let me do stuff that others wouldn't get too. I should feel bad about that but screw's cool to get spoiled once in awhile.

Happy Easter! I have to get my tired ass up and showered as my mom just called to give me a list of shit to pick up at any damn store that's open. Thanks Mom! I just have to say though that I hope that we all recall the reason for Easter and that Jesus makes Easter special, not the Easter bunny that I ran over a few months ago!!!!!

Hugs friends.......God Bless!


Brittany said...

I need to work at Target. Sounds so entertaining.

Grandy said...

Ok...the mental image of you walking into the doors was CLASSIC! I wonder if they would want a random drug test on your a$$ after that. ;)

N said...

Ha, ha, you ran into the door. Reminds me of my current favorite TV ad for the voice activated radio and the girl with the coffee runs into the door and her drink goes everywhere. Damn that's funny every time! Panty sniffers are funny too!

Huckdoll said...

Fun reading the stories about life working @ Target! I knew you'd have some good ones :)