Wednesday, March 19, 2008

T stands for Target!!! sweet little bloggy friends......I cannot say enough about your comforting words, your wisdom and your terrific support!!!! I can I say "I just love you all so much" without even meeting you??? Well, I can, because I know when I see fun-loving, warm hearted people! Well, when I read fun-loving, warm hearted people and see pictures.....but you get my drift!

Today was a better day. I started my employment at Target! My freaking face hearts from smiling so much and saying "Did you find everything okay?" or "Can I interest you in a Target Red Card?" About zero people said yes but at least my smiling face tried!!!

I love watching people though! I love listening to people. I love coming across the "Manly Men" who treat their wives like they are their "bitches!" You know the type, the wife beater shirts, the scruffy look, the chest puffed out like a rooster! Yep, these are my favorite scums to watch!

One came in today with his sweet little wife, a wife that was very cute and very nice, and a husband that speaks in "grunt!" All items were for him with a few baby items as well. Apparently, they have a 2 month old baby boy (scary considering this bum reproduced!). The sweet little wife asked in a very timid way "May I have some gum?" This piece of prick yelled rather loudly "No, we don't have the money to buy you some shitting gum! If you want gum, go back to work already!" (I'm assuming the ass was speaking of her being on maternity leave!) I wanted to stick a broom handle up his wide ass sideways! What a mother f'er! The poor little wife turned red and gave me a shy smile! I stood in awe! If it wouldn't have been my first day, I would have tore this dudes ass apart! He would have two holes to shit out of by time I was done!!! What a pencil dick!!!

Of course I also deal with the old hags who's lives I disrupt by simply asking if they would like to apply for a Red Card. I got the ear bleeds from their lecturing about how credit cards are Satan and blah, blah, blah. If I wanted to hear all about that I would call my mom or mom-in-law. Geesh. And then I also deal with the people who have the IQ's of a inflatable pool! But sadly, I love every minute of it. It makes me look really damn nice and smart. Double score for me!

Speaking of mothers, mine is pissing me off right about now as I talk on the phone to her. As you can see, I'm paying so much attention to her rambling/bitching ways. I give it another 5 minutes before I tell her that my butt hurts and I need to apply some ointment to my "ring of fire" just to get off the phone.
Here's a funny, because I need a laugh as much as you probably do!!!
My kinda wedding topper!!!!
I'll be by visiting your sights shortly!!! I promise!
Hey, have you read about my challenge yet?????
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Brittany said...

Wow. sounds like an interesting day. That poor woman- and the baby... wow... so sad.

Hope the discount makes putting up with crappy people worth it! :)

FUN-ky Mama said...

Those kind of people you described are found in Wal*Mart around here. Target is a safe haven.
Glad you're liking the job!

Grandy said...

I don't think I've ever gotten off the phone with my mom using the "ring of fire" comment. I'll have to give that some thought.

N said...

I too love to be a people watcher. You're job sounds perfect for that hobby (or sport if you get involved by putting gorilla men in their places).

Married Leos said...

Glad you had a better day. BTW I love that wedding topper too.

April said...

I LOVE Target. But I think I would lose my patience with assholes like that guy who yelled at his wife in front of you! I hate people like that. :-P

Hey, do you get a discount now as a Target employee?!?!? :-)

Don Mills Diva said...

That poor woman - sad the way some people have to live. I so admire your restraint.

LunaNik said...

People watching is the best part about working in retail. The worst part...dealing with people. Ironic isn't it?

Glad you're feeling better sweetpea!

Kathryn said...

Wow. That is a load of cranky people at Target! That sounds like Walmart around here.
Hope you have a better day next time.

Lisa said...

I love me some target. Do you get a discount? Hope the job continues to go least you'll have a lot of good stories from the people, right?