Monday, March 3, 2008

My ass hurts!

Yep, but not from the reason most dirtied minded folks like myself would think of first! Nope, my ass hurts from everyone chewing on it all the time! I must smell of Alpo b/c all the dogs are coming after me now! *Roof-Roof*

You would think that I would enjoy my flab being gnawed off, but really, I don't likey so much!!!

You would think that when I pitch a bitch fit people would say:

"Okay, she's really wigging, maybe we should step away from the girl with the head on fire!"

Noooo.....stupidity must be in the air. It's like influenza and everyone is catching it!

I won't bore your pretty little brains with why my ass is like a tender juicy steak but I will tell you that I've got one foot in the river of "I'm-going-to-kick-your-pansy-ass-so-hard-your-ancestors-will-feel-it-in-their-graves!"

I feel like I'm drowning in the sess pool of life, and I'm the giant turd floating at the top! Sorry, that was raunchy! Even I went Ewwwwww..........

Thanks for all the comments about lovin' my honesty and adoring my screwed up life! I really appreciate that! I really appreciate the attention and support! I appreciate your support even more then my boobies appreciate a good bra! REally, it means that much to me! REally, REally, REally means a lot to me!!!

But if you think I'm gonna sit back and allow filth to ruin my days you are mistaken! I will wipe the filth out and throw them in the trash b/c; well; I'm a vindictive bitchy and I like to cause havoc on my victims. They will wish they didn't live in this part of the world and may pack it up and move like the little rodents they really are! Hmmm...I sorta cheered up a bit by just thinking about it! I should be a bitch more often!

But this little issue isn't over until this guy can see his pecker again!
*I think I'll skip the beer tonight*
*and do some sit-ups*
I'll be back soon with a chipper attitude again!


Mike Golch said...

so you got chewed out,so what,I'm getting that done to me all the time.I just grin and bare it,if you know what i mean.
Or how about hanging some mistoe in a stratigic spot????

A Buns Life said...

Good Grief, why don't people just quit reading your freaking blog if they don't like the content for crying out loud?!? I for one, come back because it is a breath of sexy, musky air, that is different from all of the mommy bitching that goes on.

Mama Zen said...

When I'm obviously about to snap like a psycho, people seem totally clueless and just get MORE up in my face. I've always wondered about that . . .

N said...

So, I guess my email to you said it all...and as for your blog, keep it real and keep it coming! Those pansies that don't like the content don't have to friggin' look.

Grandy said...

I'm confused...are people upset about what you talk about on your site? Or are you being bitched out in the real world??

Either're better than that hun!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

That pic is awful!! Who knew the belly button could stretch like that! It looks like the quarter slot on a parking meter!!

Who ever is causing you to feel like a floating turd (icko, btw) isnt't worth your time. Good riddance!


LunaNik said...

If you got chewed out via email/comments regarding your blog then fuck 'em because they don't need to keep coming back to YOUR BLOG! It's just ridiculous. People are stupid.

And if you got chewed out IRL, then fuck 'em harder. Tell them to kiss your ass.

We're here for you girl!

Kathryn said...

Who is chewing you out now? It can't possibly be people on your blog again, can it? After the verbal whoop-ass we gave them? Sheesh! What does it take?
Freedom of speech/press ring a bell people????

Huckdoll said...

Keep your head up and trucking along!! I know you will. We love you just the way you are...don't let the haters get to you. You're funny and make me laugh everyday. Blogville just wouldn't be the same without you....the only chick that can make me LOL.