Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Somebody turn up the damn heat.....

It is a balmy negative 18 degrees outside. Wowser. Yes. I said NEGATIVE. It isn't even at Zero. Zero being the lowest number. IT IS BELOW ZERO. Holy shitballs. And when I said "balmy" I was being overly sarcastic. In case you needed to know that.

Today. I hit a squirrel that I thought was road slush. It didn't move. My windows were ice-packed on the INSIDE of my car. I realized it was a poor squirrel when I saw it's beady little eyes staring at me in panic. I'm pretty sure it didn't move because it couldn't. It's butt was frozen to the street. RIP frozenbutt squirrel. I'm sorry.

Today. I saw a child trying to climb back into his mothers womb. The poor child wanted the warmth from the uterus again. So sad and so disturbing.

Today. The leather seats in my car were like ice blocks. Thank you GOD for heated leather seats. I would have frost bite in my Netherlands by now. Ouch.

Today. My daughters eye lids were almost closed shut. She literally walked from the school's door to my car and she could barely see. Poor baby. And the poor thing had a rotten day at school because the girls are getting a little hormonal and my sensitive child gets her delicate feelings hurt to easily. My heart is weeping. Does any mother of a pre-teenager girl relate to this or can you relate to this and if so....please give me some of your wisdom. I want to smack the girl who hurt my baby in the head right now. Sorry. Help.

Today. My dogs lost all their hair on the bottom of their feet from the freezing cold snow.

Today. My baby girl declined the mall. She thought it was to cold. This is a first. EVER. I would have risked the damn weather to cheer up my sweetie. Stupid.Stupid.Stupid weather.

Jack Frost is nipping at more then my nose.

I may have to put caution signs on my boobs so my extremely hard sore nipples won't hurt somebody.

Santa took us off of his list. It's too cold for the fat bastard to ever come here again.

Eskimos wouldn't live here.

The North Pole would be a tropical paradise.

I am mad that Grisham is leaving CSI. I am aware that this is off the subject however, I saw the preview and I am crying. And I needed to say it. I love you Grisham.

My body aches everywhere. I wasn't aware that cold weather effects my Fibromyalgia like this. Every aching bone in my body. It has been a very, very rough day for me. And then my baby is sad. It's a sucky day.
(I know that I keep bringing up my baby however, Fibromyalgia effects my mood as much as my aching bones and I feel so.sorry for her today. I know. It's life. I know. It's part of growing up. But I am her mom. Am I not supposed to protect her? And again. I am a emotional web of shit right now. And Grisham is leaving CSI. And it's really depressing outside. And I can go on and on. I need therapy or a good bottle of wine. And I refuse to go out in the Arctic to get a good bottle of wine. And can I whine any more? Geesh.)

Alright. The last paragraph is proof that I need to take a few TylenolPM to help with my pain and knock me on my ass.

Advice? Please? Think of it as a new ideal for tomorrows post on your blog. Or mine. I don't care. Guest blog for me while my Fibromyalgia settles a bit. My fingers hurt. I kid you not. Help me? Please. Anybody? Hello? Are you there?


Brittany said...

I too love Gil. sigh. I will miss him.

It's negative something here, too. I don't know what exactly. Friggin' cold.

Stay warm woman! stay warm!

Mike Golch said...

stay warm my friend. we expect a low of 1 degree tonight.

Kat said...

Yep. Us too. Our high tonight is supposed to be -15. Yeah! Of course the windchild is -40. Boo.
Am I the only one who is ready for spring? Me thinks not.
Hang in there lady!

LaskiGal said...

No doubt Eskimos would LOVE it!

"RIP frozenbutt squirrel" I shouldn't laugh, but I am.

It is about 5 degrees here.

Awesome. I miss global warming.


Take care, you!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

My advice is for you to visit your Florida friend. HOWEVER, it's in the freaking 20's here and I'm freezing my ass off.
I did not know that squirrels could get frozen on the road and squished. I'm going to have to tell the Florida squirrels about that so they know how good they have it even though my dogs chase them up trees!

Momisodes said...

Oy. It's negative something degrees outside here too. This is just NOT compatible with human life. I'm convinced people 200 years ago flew south for the winter with the birds :)

Hang in there and stay warm!

A Buns Life said...

Chipper up little buckeroo! Take a little gander at this, it will surely make you smile and maybe a little hot!

sltbee69 said...

It's 1 degree here in my neck of the woods. Most public schools pussied out and called off school because they are trying to CTA on getting sued if a child gets frostbite waiting on the bus. Puhleeze! My girl is T school though. Probably wishes she went to public school now. :-)

I'm sorry your fibromyalgia is bothering you so much. I guess it's a bit like arthritis eh?

Wish I had advice for you on how to handle your 11-yr old. My 11-yr old has been getting her feelings hurt too, yet when I try to give her comforting words, I don't know what I'm talking about! I'm about to put her out of her misery. Literally. j/k

Kel said...

Whats with this crazy weather..holy hell it is cold out!

Patois said...

I have no advice to help your sad little girl. You just keep doing what you're doing. And the sadness will pass.