Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And I'm back....sorta....kinda...okay I'm trying.

So as you can tell...the past few months haven't exactly been exceptional for me. They haven't even been alright with me. They have been more like....ummm...shit on a shingle somebody running me over with a tractor. There....that sums it up well.

And I was in a rut.

And because when I am in a foul mood or a rut, I have the tendency to bring others down with me. Not on purpose all the time. It's like a foul smell that lingers on me though and usually, people just pick up on it and get sorta sad too. And I don't like sad, sappy, woe-is-me personalities. Sure, once in awhile everyone does it, but the type that bitch and moan but choose to do nothing about it pisses me off.

Where was I going with this???? Oh yeah....ahem.

So I have stopped commenting on every ones blogs. I keep it real here so I gotta say this. Sometimes I would be jealous. Not over materialistic items or any shit like that, but jealous that they were happy and I was a big pile of poo.

I just peed my pants a little. Sorry. I have to make sure you are paying attention because this is going to be a long ass post.

Trust me when I say that I also see that I have it pretty damn good too. I am a positive person somtimes but these last few months have beat me down something good. I just wanted to hide in my hole and wallow in my own pee.....I mean pity. There's no excuse for my actions, but I am going to slowly wean myself back into life. I'm giving it a go people.

To show that even though I lacked in commenting on blogs I still visited....and you cannot prove otherwise......

So, a little linky love from me. Just as long as I don't get picked on because I forgot someone. My brain is still a little mushy and although I swear I am going to crawl out from under the rock I have been living under it won't happen over night. But I am going to be a happy, smart-assed, wise cracking, whore, sex talking, butt licking...um...I meant kissing, girl you all love (or hate) so well. And I promise you this....I will make you vomit in your mouths over and over again.....just like old times.

Also, I am a underachiever, so I always have that excuse going for me too.

Let's begin.....

side note. I realize that you probably all know the information I am writing about my blog friends but you just need to pretend that you didn't know. Shake your head, say "OOoohhh" or "AAaaahhhh" and freaking humor me for a minute. There will be a pop quiz too.

Kel. By Golly I love this girl. She ran a marathon this past summer (that does make me want to smack her a little too.) and she wanted to get smashing drunk on New Years Eve (facebook told me that.) She is such a doll face and did you know that she, being the sweetie she is, sent me a beautiful bracelet that I wear every.single.day that makes me remember my Father in Law and that I have friends all over the U.S of A. Lovvvveeee......Heeerrrrr!

side note again. I forgot how to hyperlink. Wait. I think I remember. We can resume.

Kat. Guess what? She is prego with her 4th child. Oh.My.Gawd. And we already know that her and her hubby "make & bake" some delicious boys. They are cute. I wish I lived closer. I do. Because I love newbies. I would spoil that baby rotten however, I do not like the terrible two's so well so I give the kiddo's back when they enter this stage. My daughter ruined me of toddlers. She was Satan's spawn. H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E.

side note again again. My daughter is going to get her neck rung if she doesn't stop interrupting me. Just saying.

April. Oh yeah. She is baking a baby too. Her first. And I suppose Big D had something to do with it as well but I don't believe I need to tell you about sex ed....Do I? Anyway, she has been wishing and hoping and praying for this little "Cashew" for sometime now and I couldn't be happier for her. Yeah. And. If I lived close to her too, I would freaking smother that "Cashew" with lots of kisses.

Tara. She is just too sweet. And. She is up for a award so go....go now. Vote for her. She is a great friend, a supporter, a damn cool gal. Seriously. Go now. Go vote. She deserves to win. Go. Tara. Why the heck are you still here? Oh. Wait. Finish my post, then go vote. So. Go. Vote. Got it?

Cyndy. She always puts things into perspective. She is deep. She is insightful. She is Dysfunctional too. I love the way she views life. I love her posts. They are beautiful. And she has always been a good friend. Yes. She purposely rubs it in my face that she lives in sunny Florida while I live in South "Frozen" Dakota but I'll let her get by with it. I bet if I told her I wanted to come live with her she would let me. Hmmmm....there's a thought. I'm betting Tara would too. Hmmmm.

Holy Hell I'm getting tired. ZZZzzzzzz.

Oh my Huckdoll. She doesn't live in the "hood" anymore but she is still well and good. She has a new found love of life. She is back to work at a job she loves (who the hell has a job they love?), has her two beautiful look-a-likes and good friends. She is moving on up in the world people and I love watching her move. She deserves a "Woo-Hoo."

We all know and love a Bun, right? She took a couple weeks off from blogging to spend some time with her family (as if?!?!) but she is baaaackkk. She is a very amazing lady. She works, she has two adorable children, a cool husband, a couple of dogs, a house and a blog. Good Gawd I just got winded from writing that. How the hell does she do it. What's the freaking secret here?

Jennifer. What a sweetie. Thankfully her little boy is out of the hospital all happy and well and things seem to be a-okay now. She is funny, cute as hell, a terrific mother and has an amazing faith. Inspiring faith is more like it.

I cannot feel my fingers. They are numb. I think I see a light. "God, is that you? God???" Wait. "Damn it husband, why are you shining a flashlight in my eyes again?"

Kori. If you don't do anything other then going and visiting her sight and leaving her some love I would be happy. She needs prayers, support and laughter. She is a wonderful, wonderful mom, devoted wife to a sick husband who equally needs your prayers and even though life has thrown her some wrenches, she is a true believer in God. She recently had to go through some tests that may not be news she wanted nor needed to hear. My heart is bleeding right now. Not because I fear for her, but because she just doesn't need this right now. I am begging, on my knees begging, for her to get some good news. Oh Kori dear, I just love you and you are such a leader to me. I could only hope that I could be as strong as you. Words could never express how deeply you have touched me.

Please get down on bended knees and pray with me.

Patios. I believe Patios entered my life about the time I lost my father-in-law. And she has been a welcomed guest ever since. She thinks I'm funny and I think she is spectacular. I don't think I told her this yet. Patios....do you hear me? I think you are awesome girlfriend.

Sandy. What a dolly. I do believe that I always think of the "Haunted House" when I think of her. I laugh because I see me just as freaked out. I shiver because I swear, I heard a funny noise. I can't help it. I know she is much more then this, like lovable, priceless and fabulous, but I always laugh about this post. Funny.

OhMommy. You must leave in a cave if you don't know Ohmommy. Her writing is pure brilliance. When she writes about her kids, you feel as if you actually know them. She can suck you in with a few classy words. Her children are precious and her Lola is a firecracker like me. But cuter. And....yeah...cuter.

Okay. I know I am not done but when I start typing like this: "jru///jpe str upo?" I either:

A) Am losing consciousness from blog/linky/post overload or

B) Drinking three glasses of wine with my "Happy Pills Cocktail" has made me a little tipsy.

I must leave it at this. Don't fret. I'm going to make a effort. I swear. I will be around the bloggy town. Okay. I'm just plain drunk. Shit. Hangover tomorrow. Ugh.

Nighty-Night friends. Mwah.


Brittany said...

Oh girl, I am glad you're back. I've been reading...just not commenting much... sorry... I am bad. bad. bad.

Much lovers though! :)

Kori said...

I love you more than words. One day we will meet and I will hug you and you will be begging for me to let go.

Huckdoll said...

Oh hunny! You know, even when you're down, you're up. Your blog lights up MY life more than you will ever know. Even when you're drowning in bullshit and telling us all (kinda) that you're hurting and feeling down? Well, you're still bringing me light and a reason to stop "thinking too hard/much".

I love you, I love your spirit and I love your FIRE. You deserve amazing things and one day, Krissy? You're going to have what you wish for, you will have peace of mind and soul.

I just know it

Thank you so much for such a beautiful shout out xoxox !!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Aw, thanks so much for the compliments! You tell me when your moving date is and I will have my house all ready for y'all. =D

Kel said...

Welcome back missy...wondered if I was going to have to come to South Dakota and drag your butt back with me (guess I can cancel the plain ticket-didn't like snow much anyway!) :)

It's ok to wallow in your pee sometimes (only when your drunk, not that I would know about that) but eventually that happy warm feeling turns cold and you've just gotta change your clothes...So all that said, WELCOME BACK!!

A Buns Life said...

Mwah right back at you girlfriend. You don't have to be happy all the time, that's what we are here for....lord knows I haven't been either, but we will get through it together! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!

Patois said...

Dude, bring me down. I double-dog dare ya!

I went to Kori's, as instructed, and I'll add her to my prayers tonight.

Tara R. said...

Can I adopt you and make you my own? You are so awesome. I would totally want you to come down to Florida.

I have a nice little Kahlua buzz going too. We would be dangerous together. MWAH!

April said...

I was WONDERIN' if you loved me anymore. *sniff sniff*. I got worried! LOL
YAY you're back! I'm sorry life is so freakin' SUCKY for you right now but just know, even on the blogs that look like life is so wonderful, just know we all have our issues...so dont' feel like you are alone! Comment and we'll come over and keep making you laugh!!

April said...

And mmmmm....i miss wine....just sayin'. Have a glass or two for me, 'kay?