Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Punch in The Gut.

Have you ever been like me? The type of person that wants to sucker punch those people that have all the good luck? Wouldn't you just love to rip their lips off when they speak of all the good luck they have? Or is it just me as always????

I know some shit heads people that just love to rub their good luck into my bad lucked face. The braggers. The people who never have a worry, never have a care. They don't know what true stress is and their biggest gripe is they don't get to shop as often as they would like. fuck, fuck, fuckers!

Usually I just roll my eyes and ignore those ignorant piss ants. But today I cannot ignore them. I want to rub their face in some shit or something. I don't wish bad luck on them uh huh but I wouldn't mind seeing them get a gigantic cyst on their ass. Or maybe a huge hemorrhoid that makes them pray to the Preparation H Gods. I don't wish death, illness or disease on them.....but a zit the size of a marshmallow on their nose would do me fine. Is this really too much to ask????

But instead, they have flawless skin and no apparent hemorrhoids. And if they did have a massive skin defect, they have the bank account to have it surgically removed. And then too top it all off, they are twig like creatures but still have "Lose 10lbs" on their resolution list. This makes me want to shove my fist down their face hole. The only place they could possibly lose 10lbs is in their huge ego. It's my theory that they only say this so fat people can say things like "Oh please, I wish I looked like you." or "Whatever, you are so thin and cute and perfect." You know the type....Pity Pushers. They suck ass.

I could be a bit angry right now. Seriously, I could a bit vengeful and pissed off at the world. I could be taking my shitty attitude out on them. I realize that I should be seeking therapy.

But for today, I'm restraining myself from shoving a stick up their tight ass.


Huckdoll said...

Yes, pity pushers...can't stand them! Vent darling, vent...if it helps, just do it. I'm here listening and really?

Nodding my head silently in agreement.

Tara R. said...

I'll help you hold 'em down! I think next time one of them says something about 'those last 10 pounds' I'll agree and tell them what disgusting pigs they are. HA!

Patois said...

You've definitely picked the right type on whom to take your anger out. Go!