Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's on like Donkey Kong.

My butt nugget of a husband is messing with fire.

Because I now have a super-uber classy expensive camera, he feels that he can put his plump fingers all over it. And as if that isn't enough to shave off his eyebrows while he is sleeping, he takes terrible, horrible, disgusting, "my chins are going to need their own zip code soon" pictures.

I suppose some of you want to see these pictures so you could all just hee-haw laugh your butts off.

I don't disappoint.

Exhibit A of why my husband is going to be extracting his "man danglers" out of his throat.

Oh save your comments. I was sick with some horrific disease that makes you smile upside down. I'm lucky to be alive. I was sleeping downstairs because I was having hot flashes like a mother sucker. I cannot believe I frown in my sleep. Apparently, gravity has effected more then my milk jugs.

Exhibit B: Okay. I really don't have an exhibit B because I delete all pictures of me looking like something you should flush down the shitter. But believe me. He has taken pictures of me that had made my jaw drop at the pure ugliness.

It's on like Donkey Kong. I don't know how or when because he is not as hard to embarrass as me but mark my words, he is going down like a slut on prom night.

I need some serious shock therapy. Putting this discriminating picture of me on my blog is proof.

Here's a virtual "High Five" if you have ever sought revenge after your peasant of a husband as well.



Kel said...

ok, I'm too tired to even laugh or understand where you were going with that one, but I do want to say I like this background better than the last one...I think you look good in black....

Patois said...

I can't believe you didn't wake up when he flashed the camera.