Monday, January 26, 2009

A little rant and a lot of rave.

Dear Bloggers....

I only entered the blog world about a year ago. In my time on blogworld, I have seen it all. Okay. Not it all but I have seen a lot.

I have seen the mean, nasty assholes who find websites and trash them or send them condescending emails desperately trying to convince the receiver that they are worthless and that the mean nasty sender is the "Awwww Powerful."

I have seen dipsticks giving their "humbled" opinions Trying to fix the world one blogger at a time. If you put up a picture that is "distasteful" in their "humbled opinion" they advise you that you are being disrespectful, rude, or some other stupid shit. In my "experience" as a human, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. And truly, what your description of distasteful or disrespectful is could be way off cue and completely different from the next persons. So. Shut up.

I have seen bloggers who are super dooper popular and in my "humbled" opinion, they are cheesy and fake. So. I don't revisit that particular website. I move on to one more my taste. Something that is more for my liking. I don't discuss in detail in a full-blown email or comment of why I don't like them. That is humiliating. Not only to the blogger, but to yourself. You sorta look like a desperate loner with nothing else to do. A Blogger Bully. Cowards.

I'm not quite sure how to put this. Let's see if I can do it tactfully.

Nobody likes a whiny-assed, disturbed, low lifed fuck who finds pleasure in hiding behind the their computer trash talking someone else.

Delicate is not my forte.

However, I don't hunt you down, write some malicious remarks or mouth some inaccurate accusations. I'm sorry. Unless you are God himself, you don't have the right to judge. So. Shut up.

I was once making my way up the bloggy ladder. Meeting a ton of friends, getting a lot of comments and even more awesome emails. I was on my way.

I got bored and overwhelmed way to quickly. Sure. I see these blogs that are the Prom Queens of the blogworld. They have admirers. I am usually one of them. And I admit, sometimes I get a little sickly because I feel like the pocket protector nerd secretly stalking the beauty queen, but let's face it, I get overwhelmed easily. And I would be very intimidated to have so many lurkers.

So. My small amount of friends is just fine with me. Sure. I would like to be a bit more popular and maybe find a happy medium however, I don't keep myself up at night worried about it. If I was meant to be popular, then I would be. I cannot force myself upon people because I am more out going then some of the blogs. The pretty, sweet and nice blogs are like virgins compared to me. So. If they wish to take a visit to the wild side, I would welcome them. Nonetheless, I cannot forcefully make them loose their virginity.

Most of the time, I laugh at rude remarks and snotty emails. They make me feel empowered. And the general rule in life is that you usually have triple the friends then you do enemies. So. Enemies just verify that I have bloggy friends.

But seriously, when you play the "I'm a terrible mom" card to me, I am gonna fight back. Maybe because that is like sucker punching a man in his gonads. You are hitting below the belt.

You bet my daughter is mouthy, sassy and smart assed. But she is mine, and I happen to like her, so kiss my ass you sack of vomit.

She may be pre-hormonal and I am definitely menopausal which excuse like water and oil. We argue like the dickens. But. I love her pre-hormonal ass.

What is really mind boggling to me is that I rarely discuss my relationship with my baby girl. Not because I don't wanna be a mom blogger. But because my job is being a mom. I rarely get to discuss sex because I am usually in "Mom Mode" and this blog gives me a brief moment to be something other then a mom. It's like a lunch break. However, I am 100% dedicated to my motherly role. And I may not be the ideal mother for you but that, my enemy, is why I am not your mother. I am my daughters mother. And she happens to love and adore me. I know this because she tells me it a few hundred times a day. And I likewise to her. And she is my true love in life.

I am not a spectacular mom and never said anything different. But I am certainly not a mis-fit mother either as you so spitefully called me. And the worst thing is that I have this need to explain my parental role to you....a coward. A harasser. A filthy ass. However, I did have to explain myself and I hope it helps you to understand that if you were to have said the same thing to my face, I would have spit venom in your eye. Yet again, like I am sure you have done to others, you hide behind your computer screen probably masturbating because you are a complete idiot and have nothing or anyone else to do. My suggestion to you, is stick you penis up your ass and screw yourself (if your a man). If your a female, buy a dildo. Seriously, you need to have an orgasm.

I have so much more to say, but I won't. You and your ghastly friends who are causing pain in other blogs as well need to find another hobby before you get chewed up and spit out.

And you are a gigantic loser. And my daughter is a happy, healthy loved child. She is loved by many because of her outgoing personality and lovable nature. I feed her with confidence everyday. I cry with her when she gets her sensitive little heart broken and I hug her when she is confused and hurt by peons like yourself. Trust me. If you are looking for a heartless abusive mom, you have landed in the wrong place. Bastard.

Go get yourself some help. Kay??????

You are not so loved by:
The Pissed off Firecracker.


You probably won't understand a lot of this if you did not write the email and for that, I apologize. :0)


Kel said...

Awe, I'm sorry the evil bastards made a stop by your place...that sucks! Send me their name and we can gang up on 'em! :)


Christine said...

I am sorry for the mean comments. I get them on a regular basis. But I always say that honey catches more flies than vinegar and I have actually had two commentors come back and apologize. It can happen. :) Hope you are haivng a great week!

Tara R. said...

Coward trolls! It amazes me that people read a post or two and think they know you, think they can judge you. MEH! It's like watching TV or listening to the radio, if you don't like it, don't agree with it, change the channel. I'm with Kel... we got your back!

Brittany said...

Who would give you mean comments? Kick them in the junk.

A Buns Life said...

I say WHATEVAH! You DO know who your friends are, and that is what matters.

April said...

Mean people suck.

'Nuff said.