Saturday, May 3, 2008

Learn about a firecracker!

Things that make me laugh out loud.....

1) Farting! I laugh and laugh when someone blows their hole out. To me, this is funny.

2) People falling. I know I shouldn't laugh at other peoples pain but damn, when someone takes a nose dive or lands on the ass I laugh so hard I snort.

3) Austin this show. He cracks me up and Fat Bastard is my all time favorite.

4) When I fall, or do something stupid. I don't just laugh at others pain, I laugh at my own as well.

5) Fake "Cowboys" who wear the big ole hat, the 5lb belt buckle and the shit kickers but yet they drive away in their Pinto car's and have never stepped foot on a ranch.

Things that make me smile....

1)When my daughter is proud of herself after accomplishing something she swore she could never do.

2) My daughters friends calling me "mom" and talking to me about things that they would never talk to their own parents about.

3) When my hubby has a great day at work and is proud of his achievements.

4) My family, calling to tease me, laugh with me or cry to me. Because they know that I am always on their side.

5) My friends, the ones who defends me, loves me, and cares deeply for me. I am blessed with friends.

Things that make me sad....

1) Children suffering, abused, neglected or mentally drained from lack of attention.

2) Parents fighting for their children's lives. Desperately trying to seek out a miracle.

3) Animal abuse and neglect. Why have a animal if you don't have the time to spend with them. Selfishness is abundant in our lives.

4) Marriages that crumble because of stupid, silly reasons.

5) People living in fear, consumed with grief or worries.

Things that make me cry...

1) Seeing my daughter dealing with pre-adolescent problems and bullies.

2) God, and all the blessings he has given to me.

3) Fat people wearing skinny people clothes.

4) The thought of losing a friend or family member.

5) Death

Things that I do about these things...

1) Get involved in fundraisers and events that could help others.

2) Educate people on the importance of serious issues.

3) Approach teachers and bully's that have the gull to mess with my girl or my girls friends.

4) Express to people that neglect animals that they would be better in a different environment.

5) Being a listener, a supporter and a advocate for less fortunate people.

What makes you happy, sad or cry. What is your passion in life. My biggest passion, my family and friends. I love you all. More then you will ever know. I tell my friends and family that I love them all the time. I'm not ashamed to express my love. I pray. I pray for peace in every one's heart.

Also tell me things you wish to achieve. Your goals. I want to know you on a personal level. My goal is to be bill free, vacation whores and get more involved in volunteer work. That's my goals. And to save the world from seeing fat people wearing daisy duke shorts, speedos, bikini's, etc. Oh, and to have another tattoo for my birthday. I'm taking donations as it will cost over $150 for the one I want. LOL!! I said I wanted to get more involved in fundraisers. :-)

I love you and you and you. I love you all. And my biggest goal is to get my girls that I love to meet somewhere and tear up the town. We can do it!


LaskiGal said...

I'm going to do this as a post! What a great idea!!!

I love learning more about you. You are someone with whom I would HAVE to hang out! You'd be a blast!

Clearly, you are a great mom, a caring spouse, and a loyal friend. So, so rare these days!

cyndy said...

I love that you not only get sad about these things, but you take action! You are awesome.
I'm such an open book, I think you mostly know what I love, hate, fear, etc.
My tat that I got yesterday cost $160. =O Worth it though! You get what you pay for; I could've gotten a cheaper one but God only knows what it would've looked like.

Mike Golch said...

hey mikey likes the post.

Brittany said...

I might steal this idea, too! What wonderful things to know about you.

Chicago? I am there.

Grandy said...

I'll have to do this as a post. I know it's not a meme, but it's a great idea. Thanks for sharing toots! I'll come back and let you know when it's there.

Hey...where's the award I made for ya??