Friday, May 2, 2008

Keeping it REAL!

Let's talk about keeping it real......

You see, I think my idea of "keeping it real" and what others consider "keeping it real" are sometimes very different. I am a person whom doesn't embarrass easy. I love when someone throws shit my way because I'm like a monkey throwing poo....I fling it back at them. I am quick witted and there are only a few times that I have been speechless.

If you are a "real" friend (like a friend that I can poke with my finger) you have been exposed to some very "Krissy" moments. For friends are never alarmed or surprised when I say "Hey, I gotta go, I'm going to have sex with my hubby....I'll call you back in a few!" Seriously, I'm not ashamed because these are my friends that chose me knowing that this is how I am. Most of my friends have been friends with me for many, many years. Elementary, middle school and up. And we are close as friends can be. I know them, they know me. But I am very honest and I do not have a problem telling you about my life. I am not shy. I am me.

When I was pregnant with my babe, I had hemorrhoids. I never held my tongue when my "ring of fire" was bleeding. When I had my babe, I had over 15people in and out of my room. I took a shower and had at least 7 friends in the bathroom with me, coaxing me through the terrible contractions. When I bleed from my kidneys, I have made my friends look just to testify to seeing traces of blood. When I had endomitriosis and passed clots the size of my fist, I never held back and always expressed my torment. This is me, and this is who my friends love! They are not appalled by me and do not stick their noses up at me.

I don't pretend to be the perfect person. I have a great, loving husband whom so many others are completely jealous of. I have a daughter who is spectacular, even when she is mouthy as hell. I have family who love me and support me more then you could ever imagine. I have lots of reasons to be idolized. I know my blessings.

I have read some blogs that try so hard to be perfect. They are as fake as my BFF's implants. Okay! I don't visit their blogs and I laugh my ass off at these people. I know people who have put themselves in so much debt just to "Keep up with the Jones's'" it makes me sad! I have no one to keep up with. I have fantasized about being a rock star, but I do not get jealous of others because they have more toys or money then I do. I don't care. Never have, Never will. I don't push my kid into activities because all the other kids are in it. I don't want her to have that attitude. I want her to do things because she wants to do it. If she doesn't want to go to college, I will be disappointed, but I will let her make her own decisions. And I won't be jealous of the other kids who are in college.

I like sex. I like selling sex toys. I find this fun and exciting. I like giving advice on something I know a lot about. I am not ashamed. If you think that this is wrong or disgusting, then don't be my friend. Simple.

But somethings you may not know about me. I am a christian. I love my God. I love to talk about God and all the blessings I have.

I can also talk politics. I can tell you who I am voting for and why. I can tell you my passions in life. Like helping sick children and their families and how passionate I am about stem cell research because it saves lives of children all over the world. I can argue my point and quite often, have won the battle.

I have also sat at a table with people who were millionaires, all ten of them, and held my own. I can be the proper women, I can be the crazy girl and I can be the passionate mother. I can go into my daughters school and half of the people know me by name, and know that I will get things done. I have approached teachers about bullying, I have defended my child to a point of almost smacking down the teacher and I can sit in a city council meeting to argue with them about our numerous floods in our house due to their stupid mistakes.

I am the PTO mom, the room mom, the mom who helps at dance. I am the mom that can give you advice when your child is sick. I can listen to your problems and be very passionate about making you feel better. I have seen bad things. I have seen a child die before my very eyes, taking her very last breath and smiling as she meets her angels. I can help plan a funeral for a distraught mom who doesn't have the will to make the decisions. I have been referred to as a "life saver" numerous times because I will help you fix your dilemmas. And I will do it proudly.

But my favorite thing to do is just be me! Wild, passionate, loving, fun, caring me! I like me sometimes, and other days I wish I was someone else. I find this normal! Normal as any other human. And I will never care if someone judges me for being "real"

I hope that I am liked. I hope that I am loved. But if people cannot like or love me......I will get over it. Because I have so many more people who do. I know I sound very whiny at times. This is true. But really, I'm pretty optimistic and I don't cry over spilled milk to often. I laugh a lot. I love to laugh.

So, don't ever question rather I am really the type of person I have perceived me to be.........Cuz the Krissy you know here, is the same Krissy you would know in person!!!!

So, I'm gonna go pee now and then have some great sex with my hubby. I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!! Happy Sexing to all!!!!!!!


Brittany said...

i love how open you are! That is why you've become a bloggy friend of mine! :)

I am certainly not a perfect person. I never try to portray that on my blog! If I ever do- kick me in the arse and tell me I'm an idiot. Or whatever works for you.

i don't have sex nearly enough. I need to change that. Thought you'd like to know.

I still have my hemorrhoids. i was told they never go away! Is this true? if your's went away-- I am going to be SO jealous. hahah.

A Buns Life said...

Who is questioning that what you represent isn't "real"? Who could make some of the stuff that you are going through up? And I literally feel your energy jump through my monitor every time I read a "spunky" post. So I know that that is how you really are.

I'm with you.....I can't stand the blogs that are too perfect and are so generic that you don't feel like you get to know who the person really is. I feel like I put a lot of myself out there, maybe too much, but that is my therapy and I want to get to know YOU just as I am willing to let you get to know me. That's all I ask.

Tara R. said...

Whoot! There is no way you could be 'made up,' I love your honesty, your sass, you are just plain fun to hang out with ~ even if it is the blog-o-sphere. I'm glad I wandered over here and I think you're awesome.

Kori said...

You go on Krissy with your bad firecracker self. I love it and am so glad we have become friends. I have nothing but love for ya.

Blessings From Above said...

You are REAL and AWESOME...which is why your blog quickly became a favorite of mine.

Sorry if someone said something shitty to you. You don't deserve it.

cyndy said...

You are so much like my IRL friends, and that's why I love you.
The kind of friend who will come out of the bathroom describing how long their poop was.......that's my kinda friend!
I love that you're real, one of my biggest DISlikes is FAKE people.
You're awesome just the way you are! You are one of my idols.