Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Ummm....this is the second post of the day and I did a meme plus a whine on the earlier post. So make sure you are reading the post before this incase you were tagged..........

Well......I said I decided to take action, and I am. I read my 10min a day book and I put it to work. So, I'm supposed to take things 10min at a time. Okay, I can do this. Sure, no problem. Then I got a panic attack thinking about how and what was I going to take 10min at a time.


So, then I though, Okay.....10min of no worries, no stresses, no thoughts. No anger, no thoughts of me beating the snot out of a bunch of wieners, nothing. 10min is a long time for me to do this because my brain is always worrying about something. Stressing about some disaster, about things that I could change but I'm just too chicken or things I can't change because I cannot feed all the hungry. But, I'm gonna try.

So, I put on my walking shoes (first I had to put on some corn relief sticky things because I have about 7 blisters on my feet from the toxic meds I am on), grabbed the Ipod and asked if it was ready to rock, and stepped out into a cloudy but humid day. And I walked. And I listened to music like Mony Mony, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, U2, Lisa Loeb, Firehouse, Enrique Iglasious, Flo Rida, Sir Mix Alot and so on and so on. And I walked and walked and walked. Suddenly, 10 min turned into 30 minutes of me breathing in and out, singing out loud (even with people giving me odd looks), waving to the neighbors, waving to the sheriff, waving to Opie and Don Knotts (just seeing if your still reading!)

And then I started laughing out loud about antics my daughter has done that has made me laugh, things I have done that has made others laugh, and things my hubby has done that made everyone laugh. And then I got more strange looks from people who saw me singing and laughing and incidentally, stumbling over some pebbles and nearly breaking my neck. And I laughed even harder.

Then I started to jog....something that I haven't done for a long time. Thank God I put on the sports bra and spanx. Now don't think I ran a mile or more, it was simply 7 blocks but hell, I did it.

And now I am home, and I am feeling better. And I'm blogging about it because this is step one of a positive attitude and to me beginning to laugh through my tears again. And here I am....feeling better. Feeling energetic. Feeling powerful. Feeling Blessed. Feeling God!

(And soaking my bleeding blisters, because I wanted you to know my pain and feel for me!)

And then I realized I missed some calls. My answering machine had 8 missed calls. From my hubby telling me he loves me and thanks for standing by him, and then friends just calling to say hi and that they love me. Some saying things like "I miss you, where are you?" And then my dad called to check up on me and seeing how I am feeling (because he loves me and cares about me!) And then a telemarketer saying my name wrong and calling me "Boob"ian (Stacey, if you are reading this, I know your laughing!)

And things are going to be alright.

And I know that this is long and boring, but I want to bring you some words from a wise, poetic person. Someone that knows struggles and has said his words of wisdom for the world to hear. Pure genius. Simply beautiful. A legend.

"Welcome to the jungle. It gets worse here everyday,Ya learn ta live like an animal in the jungle where we play. If you got a hunger for what you see you'll take it eventually. You can have anything you want, but you better not take it from me"

"In the jungle. ,Welcome to the jungle. Watch it bring you to your knees, knees I wanna watch you bleed"

By: Axl Rose

Yeah Baby!!!


April said...

"Sha na na na na na, kneeeeees, kneeees...unh....I want to watch you bleed!"

Oh, uh, sorry, what were you saying? I get caught up in Guns 'n Roses, baby!

GOOD FOR YOU for walking (and running!)...it is such a great stress relief. And definitely always take time out for yourself to just breath, just BE. I like that "ten minutes" idea. I might have to snag it for myself!

April said...

holy CRAP! I was first?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Love ya Krissy "Boob-ian"!

Sandy C. said...

So proud of you! You are inspiring me to get off my lazy toosh. I need to get out and walk too. Running may send me into an insta-heart attack.

Brittany said...

Great job walking/running! I am sitting here with a carton of ice cream, eating it, and I skipped my work out today. I suck.

cyndy said...

Love that music!!!

N said...

Got behind with your blog as I have been sick--love you and love Axl!