Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yes, we are the brand new owners of a Wii.

And I suck the big fat hotdog.

My Wii fitness score is equivalent to a 65yr old women. That's pretty accurate really! LOL!

I haven't been able to play too much as I get dizzy and then throw up so my hubby can play all night and that means I have full access to the Internet! Diva is trying to bribe us into letting her stay up way past her bedtime and I think in the last 30seconds we have yelled "NO GET TO BED!" 4,050 times. She is persistent.

The big news is: I actually inquired into college. I am considering Phlebotomy (stinking people with needles and sucking the blood out of you!) I always thought I was a vampire! Anyway, the pay is good. And right now I have an application in with one of the hospitals. If I get hired, they will train me for free. If that doesn't work out, then I can take a year course at the hospital. I might as well sell them my blood for the tuition, but hey, it's worth it to say I did it. I'm praying that Sanford hires me! It would be sooooo cool.

Pssst.....My hubby sucks at Wii too! I just had to add that in there.

And you wanna know what sucks the worst about the Wii? My dogs are super dooper protective over Diva and me. If Craig play fights with us, the dogs go for the juggler. They will not allow anyone to harm us. Good Dogs! Anyway, every time my hubby swings the remote, the dogs get pissed and bark and yelp at him. They are not budging either. So, they go to time out (aka....the bedroom.)

Pssst....Hubby just got a par and is raising his arms and saying "Thank you very much, I am awesome!" Loser!

Anyway, I know I am going from one thing to the next but that's what you get from a dizzy broad. If you are the praying type like myself.....I would really love a few prayers. Just kindly ask God for the position I am hoping for. If you don't feel like praying for me because you think I am the devils spawn, well, poo on you!

And since I am asking for some prayer requests, could you please say a small prayer for Kori. You see, her husband has CF (Cystic Fibrosis) plus colon cancer. Can you imagine? She is a sweetie. A true and utter sweetie. And she walks the path with God. She needs carried sometimes but we all do. And her story has spoken to my heart. I need some prayers for this little cutie and her family. I want her to have so many lovely comments that her day is filled with love. So, read about her, then make sure you give her some linky love as well. This is not hard and would be so wonderful.

And also, could you people please send some Midwesterners my way. If you know some. Like Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota. I want a Bloggers Unite Convention. I need it. I need it so bad. I'm about ready to make my gal Kathrine from Wisconsin meet me somewhere so we can have a get-to-gether but wouldn't it be fun to add a few more???? A trip to Minneapolis? Come on me out!!!! BTW...if you don't know Kathrine, get to know her because she is AWESOME and I LOVE HER!

Alright, I must go take my 10pills again, curl up on the couch and stroke my hubby's ego. He's boxing now and I have a feeling that I am going to giggle and smirk at him. He's my love and thankfully he has a sense of humor when I tease him.

Don't forget to linky love a fellow blogger that needs a pick me up!!!
Hugs my dear friends, and if you read the post below this you can get some SEX talk too! Mmmmmmm.....SEX!


Brittany said...

If you go meet Kathryn then I AM COMING TOO!!!! I <3 her!!!! :) Have car, will travel.

I shall pray (since I am that type). ;) Feel better soon!

cyndy said...

Best of luck with the job! I took phlebotomy and I think you'll do great. I wish you the best!!

Dette said...

Ooh... will keep Kori and hubby in my thoughts and prayers...

Good luck with school - I can't wait til I go back, actually! (Oh wait - maybe I can. I'm HOW OLD now?!)

And as far as the Wii goes???

I just installed Guitar Hero III at my BLOG. Um. I need to get a grip. ;)

Kori said...

Ok first all let me say. That I suck at Wii too when it comes to the boys and Richard. But I'm the only one in the house that can rock out on some Guitar Hero III. ;~P

I also want to think you for sending lots of love and prayes my way. I don't know what I would do without it somedays. You are the greatest and I am so glad I came across your blog. I soooo love your wacky antics.

I also haven't had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn but I will get right on that. And this road trip you're speaking of I could so use a vacation but you need to come just a little more south for me. lol

Loved the sex blog by the way. I read to Richard and oh how we laughed and then of course came the conversation of remember when we did so and so at you know where. hehe it was great!

Nissa said...

You want prayers, then you got prayers!

And no playing Wii while you're sick & dizzy. I know it's addicting, but let yourself heal!!! I promise you'll be better at it when you're not passing out & almost throwing up!

Mike Golch said...

I'm not getting one of those,they will just come out with something new again and every body will jump on thar band wagon.I'll just stick to my original nintendo,thank you very much.I'm not feeding corporations my money.

LaskiGal said...

Ooooh . . . how about an Ohio-an or Ohioian (whatever, this isn't my home state, so I don't know--was a Michigander . . . that's easy enough).

I want a Wii!!! I have no issues sucking--it'll be fun!!!

I will most definitely pray for your friend. So much to deal with . . . bless her heart.

Tara R. said...

We got Guitar Hero for the Wii for our son this Christmas... I have yet to even try this. I know my limkit and I know how hard my kid will rag me when I totally suck.

LiteralDan said...

I can tell you guys are already hooked on the Wii, and I can tell you it only gets worse. The suckiness will fade, while the rivalry grows.

For example, I recently lowered myself to using my blog to taunt my wife into playing me almost compulsively until she was sore enough to regret it.

Ahh, but we do have fun. Enjoy yourselves!

Huckdoll said...

Haha, I love reading blogs where the wife is making fun of the hubby playing's so silly, the whole Wii phenomenon :P

Good luck on the schooling, Krissy!! I think it would be my dream come true to go back to go, girl <3