Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Update...but please read about Ayden below!

Well you swell pals, I am giving you the address to Target. There is no way for you to go to a site to donate, which we all mentally slapped our foreheads after thinking about that. Duh!!!!

So the address is:

c/o Krissy Beaubien
3600 South Louise Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD

That way I don't have to post my own address. All checks can be made payable to: Ayden's Fund.

On a different note: I went out today and made some more green! Yippee-Ky-Aaaa!
There is more work to be done, lots lots more! We are about $30,000 short right now!
And......I found my new favorite wine this week at one of the fundraisers and I am sipping it right now! Mmmmm.....Mmmmmmm.....good!

That was the good news!

The bad news is that I am singing a song I made up myself called: "I never thought I would find hair there! What the Hell?"

It is an ode to menopause! I'm gonna ask Cher to sing this for me! Maybe Michael Jackson! Not sure yet, but one of the two are most likely in menopause too!

My Igia has been working overtime lately! I'm gonna have to plug it in the wall soon so I can get the power I need to cut through these twigs growing from my chin (and elsewhere!) And I have never had black please tell me how the hair growing from my chin is jet black??? You know what I am thinking it looks like, me being me and all. But I will leave it for you to insert my thoughts into your own dirty minds.

And for the other bad news? We are looking at some serious snow tomorrow and Friday. Then back to the 50's and 60's and maybe 70's by Saturday! What in the hell is going on???? Mother Nature is trying to flood us out again! I'm building a freaking boat people. Call me Noah!!!!

And then my hubby is having a "shit chunk" sorta day at work and is sick of the corporate world and threatened to quit today. Ummmm....Okay! I doubled the meds again :-( and supported my wounded hubby. He hates his job, and I hate his job and I really do want him to find a different job. And because we have been doing super dooper about paying off bills (Bye-Bye $400 car payment and I will never see you again!) but hell.......I still have medical debt up to my brows (which could use a little Igia or waxing there too!) so I am super dooper stressed. I know we will make it....we've done it before but damn! Hence, that is why I am drinking my new favorite red wine! My daughter will be home later and the buzz should wear off by then! Just kidding.....not planning on getting drunk.....just care free! Wish me luck!

What a Hell Hole day! GRRRRR! Oh, and work has been screwing with my schedule and not giving me the hours that I was supposed to get. So, I have to go "bitch" on their asses! I will release the inner "bitch" again! Piss-tacular!

Hope your day is good and if not, break out the wine! It suddenly looks better after a few big sips!! :-)
Kisses and thanks again for you wonderful, dear friends of mine. You are super!
*anyone else noticed I used the word "super" a lot? That's because this wine is "SUPER!"


Brittany said...

Thanks for the addy! :)

Also- hope the day gets better. Sometimes these seasons of our lives are rough ones, but it's bound to get better! :)

OHmommy said...

i take BIG sips. :)

hope your days get better... sounds like you are doing a great job raising some money.

N said...

Mmmm, wine--love it. You and hubby have the right mental mindset to get through the crapola.

Grandy said...

You needed $110k in the last post an are now down to $30k? AWESOME!!!