Sunday, June 15, 2008

To a Daddy, not a father......

From the moment you laid eyes on my daughter, you adored that sweet 3month old little girl. From that point, you became her dad. You never hesitated to kiss away the boo-boo's. You never complained when you had to change a stink bomb diaper, even though you gagged and stuck your shirt over your nose. You never wavered when I needed to go to Pampered Chef parties or Purse Parties and you were on Diva Duty. You showed more patience then I, the one who birthed this child and has my blood running through her veins, when she was 1yr old and threw the biggest temper tantrum ever seen to man. And it was you that carried her through the mall while I jogged ahead of you acting as if she wasn't my spawn.

And your enthusiasm when her first words were "daddy" was priceless. Even though I was miffed about her first word not being "mommy".

And as she grows, so do you. You never had a desire to have a child of your own, because you never think of her as someone elses. You grow with her, you have her future laid out (threatening boyfriends with guns) and you worry about her more then her worrywart mother. Even though you would never admit that.

You help her with school, you are at every event she has, even if it means you missing time from something else. You are the first to lift her 10yr old butt in the air and giver her kisses for doing such a wonderful job at her dance recital. You encourage her and you worship her. You will never let her down, and that is your goal in life. Just like all the other wonderful dad's out there.

If you would have ran away at the sight of a 3month old baby with no dad to speak any kind words about, our lives would have been different. And I don't like to think about the differences we could have had.

As your love grows deeper every day for Diva, her love grows even deeper for you. She is a bonafide "daddy's girl" and even though this makes me jealous, it also makes me smile.

She is our baby girl. She will always be our baby girl. And as much as I love you for the wonderful ways you treat me, the way you are as a dad makes the love even stronger. You are the most amazing man. I am the luckiest women and Diva is the luckiest girl. I like to think that God had us cross paths for a reason. Because even though we get on each others nerves, you are still the man who stole my heart. And stole Diva's heart too.

I wish that I could give you something more then what you have given us on this day. But it is impossible to rope the moon for you.

My heart is exploding with pride and love. Thanks to you, diva, the dogs, my friends, my family, everything. And you truly are the biggest reason I love others so easily.

And to my dad, whom also loved children that wasn't his own flesh and blood, you are still my best friend and I am so happy that you were picked for me and my sister. Your devotion to us and most importantly, to our own children is unbelievable. There are so many things that I could thank you for. So many stories of how you cared and loved us with a honest love. You made me the person I am. I am proud of you. I will always be proud of you and whenever anyone asks me about my parents, I can only smile and tell them how fun and loving you are. I know you know this, but I need for the world to know how wonderful you and hubby are. I love you both so much!

Forever Grateful,
Squirrel (my dad's nickname for me)


Kathryn said...

Two very wonderful men that you are lucky to have there.
Happy Father's Day to them both. :)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

What a great post. I love this line: "You never had a desire to have a child of your own, because you never think of her as someone elses" because it reminds me of hubby and my kids...he doesn't mind that we don't have any together because he doesn't look at them any differently.
Hope you all had a great DADDY'S DAY!

Kel said...

You are a very blessed woman!

A Buns Life said...