Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 3 of my freaking rummage.

All I can think about is 1 more day....1 more day and I am done......It is definitely not my idea of fun....I can think of a thousand other things to write more sex blogs since everyone seems to love them.

I am putting the final touches on my post for the Sex Diva Online Magazine. It will have some things that I have mentioned here on my post before but for the most will be interesting.

I will post a link later when my fingers aren't numb from f'ing pricing out stupid shit!!!!

My child is going ape shit over me selling off her toys...Toys that she hasn't played with in years. Toys like Barbies. She is to old for Barbies and would never be seen playing with one. But she makes excuses up like "But Mom, what if a little girl comes over that needs something to play with and all I have is older toys? Then what will we do?" or "Mom, C (my nephew) would read these books. I can't give them up! He needs to practice reading!"

Yeah, he's in first grade and doesn't need to read Blues Clues or or Dora the Explorer. He's a little past those things. But the girl just cannot give up her shit. She is a bonafide Pack Rat.

So I told her to find 5 things to put on the rummage. I didn't specify that it needed to be 5 of her things. I gave her a price range of how much the things needed to be so she didn't dig out the McDonald's Toys but really....that's all she was informed of. She decided to find a few of my lipsticks and her dad's expensive watch. Oh, and a Burger King toy because it wasn't a McDonald's toy. She is a wise one.

So, my sunburned ass will sit through one more torturous day of rummage and fighting with my kid and husband (won't give up shirts he has had for 10yrs.) and I will send them inside with two gigantic holes chewed out of their asses. Of course, all of my stuff is out there including my beloved Ralph Lauren purse and my two favorite Tommy Hilfiger purses and my Prada purse but God forbid a Dora the Explorer book sales for 10 cents. Because according to my child, it should be $10.

The joys of motherhood and wifehood. They crack me up!

I'm gonna go stick a fork in a socket so maybe I can get out of dealing with this tomorrow. It will only zing for a minute. And I've always wanted curly hair......

Wish me luck. And I would love for you all to go to this sight and give this family some love and prayers. A strong family going through difficult times. I love this lady and her family and find myself inspired by them all the time. Please check Kori's blog. Thanks much!
I guess it could always be worse and we could be dropping our contents in toilets like this.


Kel said...

good luck with the last day of the rummage...I know how 'not fun' that can be, but just keep in mind all the new stuff you can buy when the old stuff is sold... :)

Brittany said...

One more day! :) Good luck!!

tattooed mama said...

i know how you feel lady. i am trying to get brite to pack for our big move and she is leaving NOTHING behind. i think i am going to "re-pack" while she is at grandmas next week.