Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The FireFighter.

My husband is the Asst. Chief in our little town. Most of the time there isn't a lot that I would want to show you or tell you about. As a EMT and a Firefighter, the truth is it's usually things that isn't necessarily my idea of a good time. But then there are times when they do a controlled burns....which means it's....ummm....controlled. This particular burn is of a very old grain elevator in a nearby town. It was a doozy of a burn. Over 100 firefighters had to be present for this burn to go down. And we learned that my hubby's new phone takes some awesome pictures with the help of his awesome wife editing them. Yeah, that's right.....I'm his awesome wife.

Do you see the pretty rainbow? Ohhhhh.....Awwww! Say it with me. Ohhhhlaaaalaaaa!

I love this pictures because fire is mesmerizing. When we sit in a circle around a fire pit with our awesome friends I get all caught up in the fire. I love the colors, the heat and the destruction that it can cause. No, I'm not a pyro......I think!

Like one guy my hubby knows that got a little too drunk one time and fell in the fire pit ass first. He sat awkward for a long while after that. Then fire isn't so mesmerizing but I have to admit because I'm mean like this, fire is humorous. Seriously, the guy sat on ice for weeks. All because he did whiskey before beer. Man, learn the drinking rules. I think that's the drinking rules. Usually I'm too drunk to remember them.........

So even though I find firefighters and EMT's hero's (my dad and my hubby) and many times I have chewed the nails right off my fingers while worrying.....there are days like today that I sit and love the fires.......

And usually firefighters are pretty hot (like sexy hot!). Except for my dad.....ewww....gross! But I always enjoyed staring at all the hot firefighters while I was a young lady. Luckily I got to hang at the fire departments often and drool over some nice looking asses.

And firefighters have to have endurance. They have to have the dedication and it is a dirty, hot, and very hard job. And firefighters get burned out occasionally.....no longer having the dedication they once had. Like this poor sap.

Or sometimes they inhale a little too much smoke and their brain cells die Like this brain dead dude. I think his hose is a little to small......and no man likes to hear that!!!!

But thank God for the hero's that risk their lives for us.......and for their sexy hot asses too.

Ack.....not that! I mean this.......yumm-o! He can "hose" me down any ole' time......sexpot! Cause I am on fire!!!!
Now I can't wait until hubby gets home......bow-chicka-bow-wow!!!!
Sweet dreams all!
I have a meme to do....Kel...I didn't forget. I'm just having a hard time remember 15yrs ago. Maybe all the drooling made me lose brain cells? Who knows? But I am working on it.....swear!!!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I thought it was "beer before liquor, never been sicker. liquor before beer, you're in the clear." Right? Right?
That rainbow pic is awesome.
I like fires too (good ones, that is).

Kel said...

Um, yes, fires...kind of like the moth to the flame thing with me. You have some pretty cool photos...awesome editing job.


Here's an idea...since 15 years seem to have eluded you what about the top 15 things about sex...a meme after your own heart! :)

Brittany said...

Mmmm If January is that hot... what's the rest of the year look like???

I am a pyro- those shots are awesome!

sltbee69 said...

I'm not sure what the drinking rules are but I only know that mixing alcohol is sure to make me puke.

If I knew a firefighter would come to my house looking like that guy in the last picture, I start a small fire to get him there. hehe Seriously, tell your hubby thank you for all the hard and sacrificing work he does.

I like Kel's suggestion for your meme.

A Buns Life said...

Yes, liquor before beer your in the clear, beer before liquor never sicker.

Love the rainbow pic!!

tattooed mama said...

awesome pictures lady! i sure am glad that they don't make calendars of hartford's finest...although the thought of my mom in hot firefighters photo shoot is pretty funny to me :)

krissy said...


You made me laugh so gosh darn hard my spanx are wet.

Seriously, Hartford's finest....who would get the teeth for the picture.

Ha, Ha, Ha!

Kal....Your idea is way better. I'm all over it now!

And thanks to for the others telling me the fine rules to drinking. No wonder I always puke...

Sandy C. said...

Such a purdy rainbow :) You are quite talented my friend with your editing skillz!

Long, long time ago, I applied for a job at a farmers market MAINLY because all the local firefighters would stop there for lunch..YUM :)

LunaNik said...

Yesterday the fire inspector came into my office. He was so friggin' fine that I had to dry my seat off when he left. For reals.