Monday, August 11, 2008

Why did I wake up this morning???

Why did I even crawl out of that bed????

Oh yeah, because of this:

This is her trying to be "hot!" Cute as a button but I'm not seeing modeling in her future because "Hot" looks more like "constipated!"
Oh of course because of these monsters too!

This is them trying to look "behaved" but the only reason they are being "behaved" is because they were getting a treat!
And of course this:

Suffice to say: there should be no more explanations for this!

And then there is this:

Or This:

My beloved Envy2. But cripes, it doesn't stop. "Must Text!" "Must Talk!"

Yep....I have a problem.

And then there is this:

And I cannot break away from this yet I have no time for this now days.
Remember this?

Yep....she is a busy bee. And this Bee thinks that she is Queen Bee and that I need to "bee" a taxi.

I think I am so clever to use the bee synonyms. Yes, NO?

And guess what this "WeeCracker" did this last weekend. She stood on "spools" from a farm, stacked up to about 11ft high, held onto a make shift rope, swung over 5ft of pure hard ground, and dropped into a lake. At first I was like "Shit, she is going to be eating dirt!" I had a few hundred heart palpatations, and then closed my eyes. My husband took a pic of her trying to grab the rope. Her stump legs were no match for this rope so a friend had to help. And when I opened my eyes she was falling into the lake. With grace, mind you. It was like she just won an Olympic event. I was sooooo proud that her chicken shit ass did this. Woo-Hoo for my "WeeCracker!"

Now if only she can enter the bathroom WITHOUT her dog. I don't know what she thinks is in there or what is going to snatch her but she is too scared to go to the bathroom without the dog. Poor dog.

I have so much to do with this blog and no time to do it. As we speak now my child is calling, the dogs are pinching their butt cheeks together because they need to shit, and my husband is, well my husband.


A Buns Life said...

That is so cool! Good for her for doing it!

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Queen Bees do rule!!! LOL ... you know they suck the life out of us then we turn into our moms.... anyway she is so cute (for now) hehehehe

April said...

WOW she is way braver than I am! I would never have gotten up that high! LOL

Kathryn said...

Oooo! That looks like fun! I wanna do it!

Kel said...

Life calls...regardless of what we really want to be doing!


The rope jump makes my heart drop just THINKING about it!

Grandy said...

Hey...I've got another reason for you to get your cracker ass out of bed. Come check out my site and get your Kick Ass Award. :)