Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Funny Names for a man's unit....

I have used them all. Some I have made up myself! I should have pattened them but whatever. These are my favorites. Then I want you to leave a comment if you have a good name for the wang (made that up...all by myself!) And I am not done with the "Sexy Women Challenge" yet. I am just looking for more supporters.

*Cough, Cough, Subtle Hint You know who you are, Snort, Snort*

And so here we go:

10) The Trojan Bus

9) The stick and balls

8) One Eyed Willy

7) One Eyed Snake

6) Anaconda (my husbands personal favorite and used only for him.....lucky me!)

5) The Long Dong

4) Bat and Balls

3) Rock out with your cock out! (more of a saying I suppose but it's fun anyway!)

2) Super Slippery Schlong or Slip N Slide (only if you are getting ready to slide!)

And of course, the favorite of favs

1) Stinky Twinkie (cream filled)

I will do a funny names for my boobs sometime soon. I have great names for my buddahs.

And so you know, in case you are concerned (only meant with harsh sarcasm for a certain someone and if I haven't personally told you lately that you are a selfish ass, then it isn't you!)

Today my right leg is numb in pain, lower back pain, tolerable to severe stomach issues, shoulder hell and a top notch headache.

But I will be okay...thank you very little (again, sarcasm meant for the bastard or bitch in my life that worries only about themselves. I am not giving any hints as to who it is. Believe me, they know! Oh you sooooo know!)

Husband just came up with a name for his unit: *drum roll please*

Tube steak smothered in underwear!

Ta, Da!

I suppose I could always use my daughters name for a boys thing.

"That thing that hangs in their underwear! Like that is so totally gross!"

Climbing mountains and fighting demons today. But with a smile on my face and a giggle in my throat! Because with this crazy ass family I have, how could I not???

Now give me some slang for the wang (yep, just made that up! Swear! Piss on me because I am on fire today! WOO-HOO!)

I'm also laughing because I just did spell check and it went haywire with all the slang. Funny to me, maybe not so much to you!

Serious note: Step Father-In-Law is in the hospital with internal bleeding. Blood Pressure was at a scary low once entering the hospital. After 10pints of frozen plasma he is doing much better and the bleeding has stopped. There are still some complications that could be worrisome, so if you like to talk to God would you please say a little "sumthing, sumthing" about him. He is special to Diva and she is worried. Sooooo...please say some prayers with us. His name is Ed. And even though this may offend someone, because I usually do, I really hope you all like to talk to God, because he is a great listener! And he loves you, even if you don't know him. Just spitting this out because I couldn't imagine my life without HIM!

Thank you!


Tam said...

Sending out some Southern Prayers for you guys


This is kind of off-topic, but still funny. My ex-husband used to always say, "Sorry about your luck, Chuck." Well I got sick of hearing it, and one day I replied "Sorry about your dick, Rick!"
He was not amused. Wonder why?
Anyhoo, we have lots of penis nicknames too. We are so juvenile!
My prayers are with StepFIL.

Kel said...

I'll be keeping your step FIL in my thoughts and prayers.

As for the pet names...usually it's just a 'pecker' or "slick willie." You got some funny ones in your list. said...

I'm having a hard time not thinking Notch Johnson due to hubby pulling out the Son of the Beach episodes lately.

Kori said...

Ok so since I am considerably the only female at my house(besides the dog) We refer to the nether regions as worm or turle.I don't know why it's just what the boys started calling it.

Nickie said...

Okay, there are a lot of funny names for The Drain Pipe (which is what I say sometimes), but our funny is when my hubs wants oral he "gets a ticket". Weird, funny, I know. Even better is that my 8 year old, hysterical daughter, often forgets the word vagina (who doesn't?) and so will say things like "my penis itches" and her 5 year old, wise brother will correct her and say "I have the penis, you have the pee-pee!" Man kids are a riot!!

sltbee69 said...

Prayers for your FIL Krissy. As far as penis names, let me get back to you on that. I can't think today. Saying a little prayer for YOU too.
-- Susan

tattooed mama said...

prayers to you and your family krissy.
wiener is still my favorite :)

Michelle said...

Prayers for FIL.

How does one enter your contest??
Color me dumb.

OHmommy said...

Totally praying.

Thanks for the belly aching laughs on all the names. Teehee....


There's a little something for you on my blog.

LaskiGal said...

OMG. I'm choking on my tub of chocolate frosting . . .

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


(I finally took my "sexy" pic . . . check out my blog. I hope it qualifies.)

Anonymous said...

Well, at the side of your names, my name for my partner's tackle is "Mr Happy" LOL! Lame, but hey, it brings a smile to our faces lol.

I have sent up a request to my angels to keep a watch over your FIL. It's good to know that he's doing much better, and I'll say a prayer for a smooth recovery for him.

Keep us updated!

Bekah said...

ill be keeping him in my prayers.

sorry i have no new names for you..mine are mostley garnered from austin powers I got nothin.

Sandy C. said...

Your FIL is in my thoughts and prayers.


I just found Twig and Berries on UrbanDictionary the other day ;)

Grandy said...

Twig & Berries...please tell me my hubs really didn't make this up? It makes me laugh, and must be added to your list. ;)

Sending hugs to you and yours.

MoziEsmé said...

Prayers said! Hope he is doing ok!