Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Things that make me laugh....

There are lots of funny things in my life. My daughter. My husband. My dogs. My family. My friends.

I don't live a sheltered life by any means and I make sure that my daughter isn't sheltered or spoiled either. I don't want her to think that she can have whatever her little heart desires. I don't want her to have "Only Child Syndrome!" This is a goal that me and my husband share. We often tell our daughter "No" and we do not give in to her every need. Yes. My daughter is more blessed then some children. No. She doesn't hurt for much. But trust me when I say that she is not a spoiled rotten brat. Just a brat! Kidding...only kidding. Somewhat!

Anyway, we do know that certain things in life are going to cost us a few appendages and organs. For instance, college. Unless she gets a kick ass grant, we will pay the pretty penny. Wedding. We are the brides parents. We will carry more of the monetary responsibility. We are aware of this. However, if my child ever acts like the ladies from the show "Bridezilla's," I will kick her matrimonial ass all over the states.

But the show "Bridezilla's" is a show that makes me laugh out loud. It is so wrong in so many ways and I am often saying "Bitch" during the show but nonetheless...it is wickedly entertaining. And when I watch it with my husband, he is extremely grateful for me after the show. My friend and I love to watch this together and then use our use of the word "Bitch" often..together.

But as much as I refuse to have my daughter become a "Bridezilla" I will outright die if she was ever a bride like this:

You cannot see it in the picture but she is wearing a camoflauge veil. And they had pigs in their wedding. And they went mudding for the reception. And they chased a pig lathered in lard.
This show is hilarious. My Big Redneck Wedding. Oh My God. I cannot believe this montrocity of a wedding. It is so raw. So odd. So Redneck.
"I wish I could lock your love in a locket, because you are hotter then a Hot Pocket!"
That was a famous wedding vow from a Redneck groom. And his wife lost her teeth before the wedding ceremony. And they were married under a arch of beer cans. And they were married in a Flea Market.
But this is very funny entertainment. I will admit. It makes me crack a rib from laughing. I cannot help but to wish I was there because it would be a party to remember. And they are usually happy. Unlike the Diva Bitch Brides from Bridezilla that usually have hundreds of thousands of dollars wrapped up on their big day. So, you gotta respect the Rednecks!
You gotta take a gander at these shows sometime. It makes you very giggly or makes your husband very grateful. Either way, you win!
And it doesn't take much to get a license to "Party Like a Redneck!"
I got mine! :-)
And why oh why is spellcheck not working again. I.Need.Spellcheck. Grr..



I've watched both of those shows. The Redneck one is like watching a train wreck. You just can't help but stare in morbid fascination!

Blessings From Above said...

Both of those shows are hilarious!!! I would have to say I prefer The Redneck Wedding because they are unintentionally funny - the Bridezillas are just flat-out bitches.

Kel said...

I LOVE to watch Bridezillas...these have to be the biggest DIVA B*tches of all time! As for the redneck one, I've only seen it once or twice, while it was funny I have to wonder do people really go this far or is it just because they are on TV?

Have a great day!

Kathryn said...

I watch Bridezillas and those Sweet Sixteen shows and get so damn mad every time. I don't know why I keep watching. They are just so absurd that I HAVE to watch. ;)

OHmommy said...

She DID not wear a camoflauge veil. Did she?

OMG, that is some funny stuff.