Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My big cause......

Please pray for a bloggy family that I love dearly. Kori and her family needs you to talk to God right now. I love Kori. I love her strength...her love...her faith...everything. I just love her. I will not give you the story because I sorta didn't ask her if I could link but because I have done it before I'm taking a wild guess that she will approve. But please take a few minutes to get on bended knee and also to stop by and give her support. on. This is for you and all the other people I know effected by Cancer.


I just did something that may or may not surprise you. But I need your help.

As most of you know, I am a big supporter of St. Jude. I have lost people to cancer and seen many more struggle to win their battle with cancer. I hate the word cancer. Nowadays it seems that anything you do can cause cancer. It is very scary. I also know for a fact that awareness and funding are the best way to fight the beast. Here is where I am going with this. Here is where you may think I have lost my marbles, unless you already think I lost my marbles years ago.

I am going to coordinate a Walk-A-Thon to which all donations will be sent directly to St. Jude for research. St. Jude is a phenomenal organization that has helped thousands upon thousands of children. I will not bore you with the details and I will just ask that if you don't know about St. Jude, then visit their website to find out more information. This Walk-A-Thon is scheduled for Oct. 4th. The first Saturday of the month. It may or not be cold. You never know with South Dakota weather. But I think walking in cold weather is simple compared to what some children endure while battling cancer. Would you agree?

Why am I doing this? Well first and foremost, my daughter will be highly involved with this. I want to teach her that we all have a job to do. We all have sacrifices to make to help others. That you can help with whatever cause you believe in the most. I want her to see her mother working her tail end off to help with a organization that I believe in the most. My hope is someday she will find a purpose in fundraising, whatever sort of fundraising she chooses. It is a life lesson and I think it takes a lot of heart. And I know my daughter well enough to know that she has plenty of heart. She is a sensitive child and I feel that this is the best way for her to showcase her sensitivity. St. Jude may be my choice of organizations but hers could be something entirely different as she grows older. And I want her to know that you can do this for any organization. Whatever it may be.

Does it make sense to you?

I need help though. If you feel so kind as to help, I am only asking that you will sign up to walk on that date. And to get a sponsor(s) to help with donations. It could be $5 or $500 dollars or more. The minimum will be $5. And you could sponsor yourself. I am going to organize the best Walk-A-Thon this city has ever seen. I am getting sponsors to help with cost and I am getting donations to hand over to St. Jude. If I have a big check, some of the proceeds may go to toys and such for the hospital to have for their patients. It hasn't been determined yet. And I am also considering finding one sponsor to fund a quick trip down there so Sheylee can hand the check over and visit the sick patients in which she just helped. That is very tentative right now though. I would much rather see all money going to them. We will see.

I hope you can all understand that I hate Cancer and I want it to go away. This isn't for glory as some insensitive people would say. This is just my way of showing my daughter and hopefully other children that we can all do our part. I have been involved in fundraising a lot. It is a calling if you will. It is invigorating and heartwarming. Please don't judge me for this, but help support my cause.

Anyone can help. Even if you live thousands of miles away. You can co-host a Walk-A-Thon at the same time in your area. If you would like to sponsor someone, you can do that to for as little as $5. I promise you that all your money will make it to St. Jude and that this Walk-A-Thon will NOT fund our trip down there if we decide to do that. I will find my own sponsors for that if we make that decision. I know the stereotyping people do, and I will promise you that I am in this for the purpose of teaching my daughter and doing my part. If you question this, please email me with your concerns and I will promptly get back with you.

So, will you do this? Will you help? Let me know what you want to do. If you want to walk or help with organizing. Anything counts.

I don't have information about where or times yet. I just started organizing this with the help of St. Jude. But I will guarantee that you will hear more about this in the next few weeks if you choose to hear about it. If you don't want emails or information, please reply to this email and I will take you off of the list. And the scariest thing of all is this will be in the paper and news. Just saying. This scares the tarnation out of me. If anyone would like to be my PR, we can work that out. :-)

Your support and understanding means alot to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Always crazy but always with a purpose,

Note: If you live far away and cannot be near to walk the walk, then you can consider being a sponser. Remember, it is $5 at the minimum. I will be speaking with a bank to have all the money directed to them. That way I am able to organize all money better. More information to come. And if you would like to do even more, then link this post to your blog. Let people know what I am doing. The more this gets out there the more sponsers I will have. Link it as often as you want. And I will also mention that if you would love to come walk with me, and make it a trip, I would be very excited. Just saying.. You know I want to meet each and everyone of you gals.

Wish me luck. I might need it. Remember, AWARENESS!



I can't walk, but I will help out by sponsoring!

Kori said...

Krissy I think you did a beautiful job. It's wonderful what you are doing.

And yes in my world CANCER SUCKS!

I think sometimes people just don't think about it because we are all thinking there is just no way that would ever happen to me, to us, to our family. But it does you have no warning it just happens. And all of a sudden the wonderful world you live in is turned upside down and in complete disarray.

Thank you Krissy for doing this and for making a difference.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

I'm praying for Kori, I know how so many lives are effected by this terrible illness. Happy to hear of you sponsoring a walk, what a wonderful wonderful thing to do...

Kel said...

I think this is a great go girl!!! I can't walk with you - but I'll do what I can from here!

tattooed mama said...

you are a woman with a purpose and passion. great things will happen with the fundraiser. you know you can count on me for help. good luck!

April said...

Maybe you can somehow put a button on your blog, where people can go to donate??

You are a total sweetheart.

KandeeInNY said...

Very sweet of you to spearhead this! I have had cancer and it does suck, stink, smell blows.
All of the above.